Sunday, May 9, 2010

a happy mother's day

{my gift to my mother--home grown roses and patchwork towels}
We had a very sweet and happy mother's day here. I have grown to love this day of simple pleasures and family time. Today I was served breakfast in bed (made by my little ones, under the direction of Faith), released ladybugs into the garden, went out to lunch, visited with family, walked through the demonstration garden, watched Little Travelers Germany, and talked to my oldest on the phone. It was exactly my kind of mother's day. I especially love having a holiday to reflect upon my motherhood and to feel so happy about they way all my children are growing and changing.
{gifts from my family}
{woo hoo! have been wanting this forever}
{this too! It's by Lisa Leonard--love it}

{releasing ladybugs into the yard--a yearly tradition}
{lunch at Jolly Cone with everyone--also a yearly tradition}

{at the demonstration garden}
{necklace made by Dieter, mug from Faith and Jacob}
{card from Dieter}
Happy mother's day everyone! I hope you spent it just to your liking!


Cadi said...

Oh, so much joy! Here, too. Must have been the stars. ;-)

Jessica said...

What an amazing mother's day!

Joy said...

What a lovely day! The handmade necklace and mug are wonderful and the LL goodness is beautiful as well. :) I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day, Mary Beth!

Anonymous said...

this all looks so nice.

happy mother's day!

Redbeet Mama said...

Yes, what a great day to reflect. We are so busy being Mama's that sometimes we forget how it all started. Happy Mother's Day.

kristen said...

Your day looks so special! Love your handmade presents!