Sunday, April 18, 2010

a picture-heavy post about lunches

Since giving up Diet Coke as one of my Happiness Project resolutions, I'm now taking a healthy Klean Kanteen of water to work every day. I hate plain water, though, so I take a couple lemon slices along, which is good, but I was taking them in a little glass container and it was so clunky when added to all the other glass containers I haul to work every day. Finally, last Friday I had the revelation that these little lemon slices don't have to be kept airtight in glass or plastic. Who cares if it gets just a little bit dried out? I'm only going to squeeze it into a Klean Kanteen anyway. So I gathered some little drawstring bags and made some more. I found a plain tiny muslin bag that I think is meant for spices but I had never used, then I found that little floral bag on the bottom there (from Anthropologie when you sign up for their e-mails) and I made the other two this weekend.
Here's one of the homemade ones with two lemon slices--all cinched up and ready to be transported to school. I think this is so pretty and I love having something cheery to look at at work.
I made a somewhat bigger bag for Faith to carry her trail mix in. She chose a sturdy canvas.
We bought the trail mix from the bulk aisle at the local health food store so bagging it in cloth continues with the theme of no extra packaging.
When I went to put her trailmix in her bag I couldn't resist photographing all this cuteness--the bag she made herself and her planner. Remember the valentines I made the family? She cut hers out and glued it on.
The back of the planner is so cute too.
Then I couldn't resist trying on her bag myself.
Here's my lunch for tomorrow--soup in a glass container, cut-up pineapple, crackers and string cheese for snack, lemon slices, water. Every day I lug all this to school, but it's worth it. My lunch is the hugest of anyone's because I have to eat a snack at 10am every day--otherwise I can't get through.
Here's Faith's lunch. Along with the trail mix she'll have fruit in jars--she grabs a fork on her way out the door. She can't tolerate sandwiches anymore.
Lunches--packed, refrigerated, and ready to go for tomorrow. Everyone takes a cloth sack except Ben. It's a huge relief to have these done every day.


Sarah said...

good for you guys. We don't all use cloth but are very good about using reusable materials. Our only trouble is remembering to always bring home the utensils.
I absolutely love the little bags, I've trying to figure out a better way to carry my little guys snacks in some sort of container that won't break and will protect their snack from getting crushed, too....hmmm...I'm on the hunt and now feel inspired!

Jessica said...

I have one of those little anthro bags---I fell in love with the fabric they used! What a great idea to make small snack bags like that! I've been meaning to for a long time but now I think I just need to get a-moving. Your lunches look so delicious!

Jen said...

You are inspirational to me. And your bags are so super cute. I have been taking my Klean Kanteen to work as well, and I am so picky about my containers.

Inner Pickle said...

Those bags are such a great idea!!

Rain said...

I love the way your lunches look all packed and ready to go! I want to make some of these little cloth bags & some bread bags too. How do you care for them?
I always love your links too. Now I want one of those planners.

Kelly and Kelly said...

I love all those reusable bags.

melissa s. said...

It's always nice to have a side of cute to go with your lunch. Love it!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Canning jars of fresh fruit!! Perfection.

Once Upon A Parent said...

I am so impressed. All the cute cloth sacks, glass containers, and and a beautiful fridge! Wow! That is some good inspiration. Oh and its healthy too.


Its_Lily said...

Mary Beth - is there a reason you can't put the lemon slices right in the Kleen Kanteen?

Crystal said...

I love it all. Velcro or drawstring bags for the kids snacks/lunch is on my to do list. I love that you use glass containers as well.

I thought about making a bunch of cloth bags for shopping, snacks, lunchs, napkins, etc to sell at the local farmers market, but I don't know. I keep thinking no one would buy them. If they don't I guess I would have a bunch to use myself which would not be so bad. ;)

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, everyone, for such nice comments!

Crystal--you can never have enough hand made cloth bags is what I say.

Rain--I just plan to throw them in the wash as needed.

It's Lily--just a silly personal preference, mostly. I want to squeeze my lemon into my water right when I'm about to drink it. Partly I just like the ritual of that . . .

Karen said...

and i thought i was the ONLY one lugging glass-heavy lunch bags to work!! what a great idea for those bags! i wish i had a lemon-slice bag! maybe when i learn to sew ... hehe.

i'm so heartened that yours and faith's lunches look so much like mine! you all are a crafty inspiration! <3

i also bring cloth napkins that i find at goodwill/yard sales/antique shops.

and a 40-oz klean kanteen filled with water ;-)

eerily similar we are lol!

Allison said...

your lunches look amazing (both the food and containers)! i use a lot of glass containers, too, but haven't gotten around to making little sacks for snacks and things. i need to! thanks for the motivation. yours are so pretty!

erin said...

this is really inspiring.
here's to cute lunches!