Saturday, April 24, 2010

fun mail lately

We have had so much fun mail coming our way lately! Thanks to Postcrossing we are meeting new friends and finding it so much fun to get the mail each day and discover what surprises are awaiting us. Postcrossing is postcard exchange site--you sign up (it's free), send one to five postcards at whatever pace you want, then when your recipient registers your postcard on the other end, it's your turn to receive a postcard from a random Postcrossing user from anywhere in the world. It's truly fun. As much fun as it is to receive the postcards, Faith and I both adore sending them maybe even more.

One thing that happened as a result of Postcrossing is we made a new friend. Faith sent a postcard to a very nice young woman named Micaela, who received it graciously. We could tell from her enthusiastic response to the card, and from her profile on Postcrossing, that she was a kindred spirit. Faith decided to send her a package just for fun, and I got in on it too. Above is the card Faith made for her (bad lighting because it was early morning when I took this) and we filled the box with handmade goodies and whimsical treats. It was so fun to put together and mail off to surprise Micaela!

Micaela loved the box and she reciprocated by sending a lovely box to us! We have never done any kind of package exchange before, so this was a lovely surprise. Look at the card Micaela made for us. We love her talent for collage!

And look at all the vintage goodness she included. We are so delighted and also touched by the kindness of people. It is so heartening to find like-minded souls out there. We also discovered Micaela has a blog: Dolce Vita. So now we have a new young bloggy friend!
This is just one day's mail haul. It was so exciting to come home from work and find all this.
Carrie sent me all these gorgeous vintage buttons. There are tons of them and I adore them! Thank you so much Carrie!
And much to my surprise today I received this very pretty recycled notepad from Stubby Pencil Studio--totally unsolicited by me--it's a customer appreciation gift. Maybe some of you got it too? It's just my taste.


Melissa Goodsell said...

Thankyou so much for posting the *postcrossing* link. I have just signed up and can't wait to start a collection of beautiful postcards from around the world.

Holly C. said...

Wow-I love all the mail goodness you received. Especially the buttons and that mug!

Postcrossing sounds like great fun.☺

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration! After reading your post this morning, I signed up for postcrossing and sent my first cards.
Best, Frauke

Nancy said...

How wonderful! I adore vintage goodies and it's always fun to make a new friend. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Lia said...

I've been looking for fun ways to inspire my young writer and postcrossing sounds perfect! I love that it is something you and Faith do together. That you for your inspiring post.

Karen said...

this sounds so fun!! thanks for your little tale!

Micaela said...

Mary Beth, i believe in random kindness and when I got our package- I was EXTREMELY touched. Who would have thought of connecting with someone through a postcard? it meant a lot to me. All the wonderful treats, handmade goodies (yummy jam!)... words can not express what a kind surprise it was!

i had so much fun putting together something for you both and I'm glad you liked it. That makes me super happy!!!

I'm glad to know you both and just adore the relationship you have with your daughter and your family.

I'm so glad to know you! and can't wait to blog about our fun exchange! :) cheers to that and connections with wonderful people around the world.


Anonymous said...

How do you know the names of the people you're send this to? I went on the side, got an address but I only know her fist name.

Cadi said...

We signed up for Postcrossing & already got our first five in the mail. Thanks for that inspiration!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Anonymous--if she only gives the first name I'd just write that with the address below it. It should get there.

Meeks said...

I just came from Cadi's blog. What a lovely story! Our family are getting into writing notes to family members now.
Also, thank you for putting me on to Stubby Pencil thier stuff!!