Saturday, March 13, 2010

valentine books

I thought I'd share what books the boys got for Valentine's day this year. I love to buy them gifts for the holidays--I can't help it! I do think books are a pretty healthy gift, at least. Here's what they got:
The Children of Noisy Village--this is the first chapter book I have ever read Dieter. He enjoyed it very very much. This is a very sweet story of three families who have adjacent farms in Sweden "back in the olden days" as I explained to Dieter. It recounts such a simple and beautiful lifestyle full of old fashioned pleasures. I wasn't sure if Dieter would sit through it, but he was totally captivated. Even Rainer, at three, listened to a lot of it.

The Paper Princess--we love this one so much! Faith reminded me of it a few months ago. She had a copy when she was little and remembered it fondly. We had to do some searching to remember the title. It's about a little girl who makes a paper princess, and before she can really play with her the princess drifts away on the wind, to have many adventures. The art in it is just beautiful--exactly my taste--sort of a collage effect. This one truly has heart--highly recommended.

Flannel Kisses--very sweet. The artwork in this actually reminds me of the Paper Princess. Homey illustrations with short text. I love the cozy scenes in the house. This one is for the winter book basket.

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy--a very cute and low-key story about a girl and a boy playing in the park and pretending to be bug superheroes. They are cranky with each other at first, but they work out their differences on their own and inspire the children around them to join in the bug fun.

Anyone else have these books? I'd love to know how your little ones like them. I love that they are high quality but have kid-appeal as well.


Cadi said...

THE CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE. I remember that book from my own childhood & the boys loved it when they were younger.

mamahood said...

I love your book recommendations! Unfortunately, my local library doesn't carry any of them. I just read my son (who turned 4 in January) his first chapter book. I chose Magic Tree House, Dinosaurs at Dawn. He loved it. We read it in one sitting.

henzy said...

i too am a big believer in books... they looks like great gift..ope they enjoy them

henzy said...

i too am a big believer in books... they looks like great gift..ope they enjoy them

Jen said...

I'm a huge Paper Princess fan! The illustrations are so rich. I think I enjoy them more than my son.