Tuesday, February 16, 2010

winter book update

I think it's ironic that when we finally get our winter book basket properly decorated the weather changes and it's now in the 70's! So much for our wintery interlude. I loved it while it lasted!! Nonetheless, I love this little sign Dieter made for our book basket so very much I can assure you it's staying put until the vernal equinox when winter is officially over! I did the tree, but he did the lettering, the pink "snowflake" and that wonderful snowman.
What prompted the new basket-label was this new book my mom thrifted for us. It's sweet--filled with vintagey illustrations. It's exactly the kind of thing I like to find thrifting.
I find the winter basket is the most full seasonal basket of all. There is just something about winter that inspires children's authors, I think. What are your winter favorites? We still love Manatee Winter, Animals in Winter, and Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten.


Rain said...

I love all the cozy Jan Brett books for winter.
off topic-can you tell me where you found those wonderful wooden numbers for birthday cakes?

Mary Beth said...

Hi Rain. We adore the Jan Brett books too. I love her illustrations.

The wooden birthday numbers came from Restoration Hardware years ago. They used to carry a lot of "vintage" type ephemera. Now it seems like all they sell is giant furniture, but maybe it's worth a look around their website. Good luck!

Joy said...

Another Jan Brett lover here too. We also enjoy Ollie's Ski Trip and a couple of the My First Little House books are winter-themed and a fun read.

Andrea said...

My boys love Trouble With Trolls (also Jan Brett). We also like Polar Bear Night, The Snowy Day, Mama Do You Love Me, Can't You Sleep Little Bear, Tracks in the Snow. This reminds me our Winter basket has been a bit neglected of late...time to read those books before all the snow melts.

Rain said...

Thanks Mary Beth!