Wednesday, January 6, 2010

recipe favorites: chicken and dumplings

I want to start a little "series" on the blog to help boost me out of my current cooking rut. All fall I've been uncharacteristically uninspired in my cooking and menu planning. I've been failing to make grocery lists or consult recipes ahead of time. I changed my shopping routine a bit (going more to Trader Joe's and to our local market instead of Vons--the big chain supermarket)--for the better--but failed to make a shift in my menu planning that would take into account the new shopping routine. That, plus we are very busy with both of us working and sometimes things just slip down a notch for awhile. It's very deflating, though, to get home from work and have no particular plan in mind for dinner nor all the ingredients with which to make something. So I'm getting onto a better routine starting now, and to spur me along I'll be posting some tried and true recipes that we all like and that work for our busy life. This week, it is chicken and dumplings. I've been making this for a few years now. I originally found it in Health magazine when I used to be a subscriber. Oh how I love this homey, easy recipe! You are going to love it too, I think. It's comforting, warm, and healthy--but quick and easy too.
I do encourage you to do a good mise-en-place before beginning this recipe. It does have several steps and goes so much more smoothly if you spend the first little while doing some mindful, enjoyable washing and chopping of the vegetables.
After everything is ready, you dredge the chicken in flour/salt/pepper and brown it in oil. These are organic free-range chicken thighs from Trader Joe's. I love that organic meat is so much easier to find now.
After the thighs are browned, you remove them and add the leeks to the pot. I think it's the leeks that make this recipe so particularly yummy.
After the leeks are started, the chicken goes back in, along with most of the other ingredients and you simmer the whole thing for awhile.
Meanwhile, you sift the flour mixture 3 times to make the dumplings light. The exact recipe is here.
Sorry about the bad food photography in winter. It gets dark so early, but here you go. It's yummy.


Elfin Goddess said...

Oh thank you! I've been having a tough few months staying on top of my menu planning and grocery buying, and since I work & cook & clean & do the outdoor chores, on many days, I have very little energy left to think about what to make for dinner. I've dug up all my recipe books & am aiming to keep our meals this year simple, healthy & easy-peasy quick! Thanks for the recipe...will try it sooon! :) Cheers, Avril

Sarah said...

My girls would love this. Usually I do something similar but make biscuits. I, too, have been in a rut. I generally get inspired in January for some reason, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

this sounds yummy, thanks!

we too are trying to get back on top of our meal planning. specifically to add more fruits and vegetables to the meals.

Adventures in Montessori said...

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Adele said...

Chicken and dumplings = my favorite comfort food. Thanks for sharing your version. Can't wait to try it!

Ellie said...

This looks so warm and yummy!

Heather said...

I love chicken and dumplings so much. I had a friend when I was in college whose grandmother made it, and I tried so hard to get invited over every time.
Thank you for the wonderful recipe, can't wait to try it

Lain said...

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