Sunday, January 3, 2010

let the january birthdays begin! (part 1)

Dieter and Jacob had a shared family party Saturday night and it was so much fun! Dieter is turning 5 and Jacob 20! It is hard to believe how fast the years fly by. Having teens (and now a 20 year old) at the same time as little kids makes me so aware of how much I should enjoy these years before they are gone. Dieter's special request was pink icing on chocolate cake with Phish Food ice cream. I love those specific requests. I opted for cupcakes so we could mix and match flavors, and yes he got his Phish Food too.

The two birthday boys, enjoying their night.

And blowing out their candles.
Happy birthday Jacob and Dieter!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I have two babies born the same week as well... but in July. My youngest was a Jan baby and I still find it amazing that I have one that isn't in the summer. (My whole family but me and the youngest are between June 4th and July 20th)

Have a blessed birthday boys! :)


Rach said...

Happy birthday boys! Our Minnie turned 4 today (4th Jan) and had her party on the 3rd. All these lovely Jan babies!

Have a wonderful 2010 and I look forward to visiting here more often! xxx

ikiz Bebek said...

Happy Birhday!

Naturalearthfarm said...

We have two birthdays this month as well - our oldest, turning 16, and our youngest, turning 2.
So much fun!
Warm wishes, Tonya

Tammie said...

happy birthday boys! and phish food, my goodness he has excellent ice cream taste! im a chubby hubby gal myself but phish food comes in at a close second.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!!!! Patrick just celebrated his birthday with a very specific dessert request too ~ lemon cake with white frosting and Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream! Now I'm getting ready for Claire's birthday (Jan 12) It will be her first birthday party/sleep over with just two little friends....birthdays are fun!

Happy New Year,


Jennifer said...

What a fun party, all three of my boys (hubby and sons) have birthdays in March/April. I should probably start planning now, as it's going to be here before I know it.

Kelly and Kelly said...

happy birthdays! what fun!

lisarenata said...

Happy birthday to your boys!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I remember when Jacob was born. Can't believe twenty years have gone by. Emily will be 20 in May. It goes by sooo fast.