Monday, January 18, 2010

enjoying right now--rainy weekend edition

We had a long and rainy and very enjoyable weekend. I have much to be grateful for--we are truly blessed and lucky to live here. Here are some of the simple pleasures of the weekend:
{buying little treats at Farmer's Market}
{seeing Rainer wear and enjoy his "woolen sweater" as he calls it}
{wearing headscarves--so fun!}
{these little purple blossoms Ken unearthed in the otherwise dead cutting garden}
{a fresh batch of homemade deodorant--truly a *simple* pleasure}
{studio tea time}
{seeing Dieter create wonderful designs with wooden tiles}
{art time with the boys}
{making collages and Dieter's contributions--he selected the little girl and wrote "LOVE" across her}

:: reading to the boys this rainy day
:: watching WALL-ee on Dieter's movie night
:: cooking and sewing and baking

On Tuesday I'm off to work with a full heart.


Inoureyes said...

I was just thinking making some more deodorant too. I use it everyday and will never go back to store bought. I was thinking about posting a tutorial soon and sending out some small sample jars to those who want some.
My girls love collage time...
Love your photos!

Joy said...

Looks like a great weekend! Don't you wish every weekend was 3 days. I know I feel so much more immersed and relaxed with my kids after the 3 day weekend. :)

Kelly and Kelly said...

this looks fantastic indeed!!

Its_Lily said...

Mary Beth - are you using the collage book as your inspiration book? I have so many pictures being kept in a file or stuck on the back of my studio door, but I think I would prefer to have them in a book so I can take them with me to study up for my next projects. Geez, I just love my blogging friends for all their great ideas!

Jennifer said...

What a fantastic weekend. I love the headscarves.

Mary Beth said...

It's Lilly--it's sort of a combined nature journal/sketch book/inspiration journal. It's just for fun, with no expectation of being "good." That's how I like it.