Monday, January 25, 2010


Ben will be 17 on Wednesday. We celebrated over the weekend with his favorite meal of sausage linguine plus cake and presents.
This reminds me of the same scene last year.

A special congratulations to Ben for receiving his driver's license today. We are so proud of you Ben! Happy Birthday!

(On a technical note I'm having more trouble with i-photo. All my photos have disappeared now! And no, they are not backed up. It makes me feel like getting my priorities straight, ya know? Feeling so sick and crestfallen about lost photos makes me feel like a spoiled baby.)

And thanks so much for all your messages about your wintry weather, wherever you are. It was really fun to read through everyone's scenarios. I amazed at how many have snow!


Joy said...

Happy birthday to Ben! His birthday is the day before my daughters. :) Don't feel bad for being upset about losing the photos. Personally, I'd be devastated as well. Photos are so important to me as reminders of where we been and what wonderful memories we've made. Feel what you need to feel, then back those things up! ;)

Kelly and Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday to Ben :-)

Regarding the photos, I would imagine it's a technical glitch and maybe if you have an Apple store nearby they could help you track them down? It's highly unlikely that they have been disappeared absolutely from your computer. It's actually really difficult to disappear data completely from a computer. (Which is both good and bad!).

I'd fall apart if I lost my entire iPhoto library! (6000+ digital memories and art: ouch). Good luck!

Redbeet Mama said...

Big hug to you - I hope you find those photos.

hanna said...

Happy Birthday Ben!
You have me wanting a big slice of chocolate cake now.