Sunday, December 13, 2009

even in less than ideal circumstances, we can have fun

{Ben's snowman}
We have gotten some beautiful, wonderful rain these last few days. This morning, we decided to drive up into the mountains to see if we could find some snow. Did we? Well . . . not like last year. But we did find a dirty patch of snow on the side of the road, and you know what? It was really fun. It's amazing what simple pleasures this world holds, especially when you are with the right people.
{finding beauty in the chaparral}
{hitting the snow with your shoe is surprisingly fun}

{Rainer taking a break in the truck--it was fun to feel the cold air of the mountains}
Other goings on this weekend: a knitting lesson Saturday morning, a "Costco date" with Ken Saturday night (where we leave the boys with my parents and go buy essentials, just the two of us), putting the ornaments on the tree, making peppermint bark and some cookies, and listening to Christmas music.

Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for two children from Dieter's preschool (twins). It was at "Pump it Up" which we had not been to before and Dieter loved it. It was just a tiny group of children that showed up for the party so it was ideal--no crowding at all. Rainer joined in too. Here is what was interesting for me: all the children there except Dieter had either a medical problem or a disability of some sort (because Dieter attends a preschool that is half "special ed" kids and half "regular" or "neuro-typical" kids). The parents there were so down to earth and nice! It was a very mellow and relaxed atmosphere with no sense of bragging or one-upsmanship or any of that stuff that can go on between parents at times. I really liked it. I dream of a world where everyone can be down to earth and "real" with each other, and it doesn't take having a child with special needs to make it happen . . .

Now with all the fun we've had this weekend I'm dreadfully behind in getting the regular stuff done. Oh well, it will all happen somehow!


Mama Mogantosh said...

Sounds like a great weekend - and can I say, I really like the Costco date idea! Keith and I would have a good time doing that. Domestic, intimate, kid-free - I get how that could be romantic. Hope the week is lovely for you too.

Daniela said...

Lovely pictures of the mountains, here in Italy where I live we had a big snow storm yesterday and it's still snowing right now!
enjoy this christmas atmosphere and have fun, I wish you a nice week

Andrea said...

Oooh, a little patch of snow in the middle of a desert looks GREAT to me (the grass is always greener--or snow always whiter??). How nice to be in a relaxed group of parents...I find I often feel on edge, waiting to be judged when I'm in any gathering of Moms.

melissa s. said...

I remember driving up to the mountains to find snow when I was little, so magical!

Lisa Renata said...

It surely sounds like you are enjoying your time with family. We still have not had a real snow day (just a little flourish here and there, but not cold enough to stick yet). We usually don't get our snow until after December. Last year it was as late as March. Oh we had so much fun!!!! (well, the kids did!)

Cheers to you for having fun! and taking it slow!

Jessica said...

Fresh, cool, and snowy air is so refreshing! You actually probably had more snow in the mountains than we had here (there is a storm coming, though!)

Michelle said...

Nothing like a Saturday night Costco date:-)

I used to teach special ed, and also noticed the relaxed manner that most of my kids' parents had vs the parents of the "typical" kids. I mean no disrespect whatsoever to either group of parents, it's that I think that with children who have certain needs, their parents seem to get a better view of the "big picture" in life. Know what I mean? Now that I'm a mom, I really try to keep what I learned from those amazing folks!