Wednesday, November 11, 2009

meatless supper #7

This week I decided to make a recipe from Apples for Jam for Enviromom's meatless supper club. I love this cookbook and find the recipes and the writing so inspiring (not to mention the gorgeous photography). In addition to the recipes, Tessa Kiros, the author, also offers lots of vignettes on childhood memories and on mothering her own children. It's a delight! Her other book, Falling Cloudberries, is on my wishlist.
The book is not vegetarian, but there are plenty of meatless selections--just how I like it. I chose "Spaghettini with egg and toasted parsley breadcrumbs." It was tasty and quick. Everyone liked this. Pasta is always a hit, isn't it?
You can find the recipe here. Sorry for the bad food pics recently. With the shorter days I'm finding it impossible to photograph the food before I lose the light. Rest assured, it tasted better than it looks!

Remember to check Enviromom every Friday for more meatless meals.


Jennifer said...

I have that cookbook, and it is gorgeous. This looks great, will have to try it soon.

Hannah said...

This is one of my son's favourite meals - he calls it anchovy crumble!

the cookie cutter said...

I am definitely going to try this, my kids love "biscetti"!

Natasha said...

Falling cloudberries is fabulous.I received it as a gift last year and initially used it more than AFJ but now I would say that I use them equally.
I would love to try that recipe but my daughter doesn't like eggs,boo hoo!
I also think that the egg mashed up in a glass with chunks of bread is such a comforting lunch,I could eat it everyday!!

Laura said...

We are actually eating about 80% vegetarian now. I was vegetarian until my first pregnancy and then I craved meat and my husband enjoyed meat, so I learned to prepare it. Lately, I am not wanting meat at all...I love seafood, though. My husband is leaning more toward meatless meals too so I will have to check out some of the recipes you have shared.

Also, kinda off topic...have you read The Hundred Year Lie??? Check to see if your library has it. I think it would be a book you might find interesting. My brother and his wife are very into green living. They eat all sis-in-law is vegetarian, they are working on learning sustainable living skills etc... anyway, they recommended the book to me and I would recommend it to you.

Angie said...

Tessa Kiros is one of my favorite cookbook author too and thanks for the link.