Wednesday, October 7, 2009

settling into fall

It's beautifully fallish here right now. I'm living just in the moment, enjoying the much cooler temps, and trying not to dwell on the fact that the temps might shoot back up into the nineties at any time, all the way through November! Hopefully not. Maybe we will even get some rain this year! I would love that.

On my mind right now:
::I love to scribble things down in a notebook, always have. Right now this little owl notebook is pleasing me. I started it in the summer. I plan to fill it up freely with whatever is on my mind. Lots of lists.
::I'm also keeping a list of my spending. I have no idea how much we spend on food and I would like to know. I've been doing this for a couple months, now. Hopefully it will make me more mindful of money going out and help me contemplate if I'm really living "simply."
::Dieter is in preschool for the first time this year and he is loving it. He is bringing home crafts daily, which I love so much. This squirrel and tree are charming, I think. These aren't natural or Waldorf crafts but I still find so much pleasure in what he brings home.
::Acorn cakelets! When I wrote this post I thought they had discontinued the cakelet tin, and I was disappointed. A few weeks later, I got the catalog in the mail and there it was; so I had to buy it. This will be a fall tradition that my children will remember, I hope. The boys adored this first batch of cakelets--they were quite a hit. I used the applesauce muffin recipe from this book and it was perfect. It pleases me so much to use recipes from my existing library.
::I'm missing my camera terribly. Must call the repair shop and check on the progress. It's taking so long!
::I'm re-reading I Capture the Castle. I adore Cassandra Mortmain. She is so honest and down to earth and unselfish. After I re-read the book, Faith and I are going to watch the movie.
::The cutting garden is loving this fall weather. The blooms are so much more lush, plentiful and vibrant than they were in the summer.

What are your fall pleasures?


BellaBree said...

love your wee sweet!

Joy said...

Those cakelets are adorable! I'm sure your boys will remember those fondly. :) Dieter's crafts are adorable. I love seeing the artwork my kids bring home!

jennifer said...

Those cakelets look and sound so good, and your flowers are gorgeous, so is your son's art.

Andrea said...

Temperatures in the 90s sounds delightful to me...already in sweaters and wooly hats. Acorn cakelets sound delicious! I'm trying to enjoy the fall leaves white they last.

Kelli said...

I love your little cakes

pilgrimama said...

I know you probably miss the great detail a good camera captures but your photos still have a very calm feel to them even without the higher quality camera! Honestly,that's what I enjoy,even more than exqusite detail!

hanna said...

Love the acorn cakes, how cute.
I too am into notebooks big time, I need lists, it helps me clear my head. I've also created a notebook for my groceries, to write down my monthly shopping list, compare prices and keep a telly of what I've spent. I've only done 3 months so far but it is already helping me to get a good overview.

Stephanie said...

Love your blog! Somehow I stumbled upon it and have spent some time reading your posts. Love the acorn cakelets, very sweet! Art work in any form is a treasure. Have a great weekend!

nicola@which name? said...

your first photo, with the notebook just called out to me, but it is the acorn cakes i had to comment on. sweet! feeling fallish here too.

Denise C. said...

Love the spending log idea! :)