Thursday, September 3, 2009

dinner last night

Just a quick recipe today review because I loved this super simple dinner. Remember this recipe I mentioned? We tried it last night and it was so nice for such an easy soup. Faith really liked it, and that is saying something because she is generally so picky and unimpressed by healthy homemade food (although she occasionally confesses, "I'm really glad you cook, mom"). With this she was super enthusiastic and wants it added to her recipe book that I plan to make her some time before she goes off to college. She said she'll eat this all the time when she's a "starving" college girl. Two things: the wild rice at the health food store was so expensive! So I bought a different package--a blend of wild rice with brown rice which was much cheaper. You could use regular rice. Also, I couldn't find yellow lentils so used the red lentils, which we also really liked. Oh, the boys wouldn't eat this! Go figure. Maya suggests serving the soup with a little pitcher of milk for the children to add to cool it down. The boys were unimpressed, but I tried it and it was really good that way, and such a cute detail.
For dessert we had this zucchini bread again--the boys ate it up.

We are surviving this first week of me being back at work--it's actually going pretty well so far. Looking forward to a three day weekend coming up, though.


Nell said...

You take the greatest photos! And, yum! I think I'll try that zucchini bread recipe today. I'm searching around for good homemade snacks for my two kiddos. I'm so tired of store bought *everything*.

Joy said...

The soup looks delicious! We'll have to try it. I always buy the wild rice blend too since just wild rice is so expensive. Occasionally, I'll use the blend to give some extra texture to lentil loaf, which is one reason I'm thinking we'll like this soup!

pilgrimama said...

My baby daughter is the soup eater of the family. This sounds very healthy and good!Your dinner looks lovely,nice color combination.

BellaBree said...

OH yay I love new reciepes! Great photos too...all the best for the new school year!

Kelsey B. said...

Your soup looks delicious, I can't wait to serve it up at my house this winter.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful dinner! We've been enjoying zucchini bread for dessert (and breakfast, and snack :-) quite a bit around here too. I've managed to freeze 3 so far, but it's hard to get them wrapped up before the boys get into them!!

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!