Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bread and other nice things

My Nikon D-40 is in the repair shop this week, and I must say I've lost a bit of my blogging enthusiasm without my camera around. Hopefully I'll have it back soon. Meanwhile, I may be posting with old pictures or taking a little blog break. We'll see how it goes. These bread photos are from two weekends ago, I think. I'm still experimenting with making much more of our own bread and it's been going well. I'm finding that if I get the dough mixed up on Saturday and chill it overnight, it is easy to bake the loaves on Sunday. If not, then I supplement with storebought loaves. And Faith is not complaining about the homebaked bread for her school lunches as much as I anticipated. It turns out she likes the thickness and sturdiness of a homemade slice for her pb & j because it prevents any sogginess.

{Sunday lunch of zucchini soup and bread}

Yesterday I took Rainer to the clinic for his monthly chemo. He did great, and now that he is doing so much better it is fun to check in with everyone there. The entire clinic staff is just so nice. We are super lucky that way. Afterwards, Rainer and I had our little Crushcakes visit--this time a late breakfast of yummy scrambled eggs and cupcakes--a winning combination I think everyone should try at some point!

Other nice things lately: Faith went with us to Farmer's Market on Sunday. It was nice having her to help with the little boys for sure. After I bought the boys their weekly tamale, Faith talked me into getting coffee drinks for us and then we sat by the "poppy fountain" and ate and visited. It was really nice.

And Faith and I also have started a nightly cup of tea. I had the idea last night that we should make our own little "sayings" and attach them to the plain teabags that don't have any. Could be fun . . . maybe a gift idea for future. It's been nice hanging out with her. I'm enjoying having her around these last 2 years before she is off to college.


Joy said...

I hope against hope that when my daughter is 16 we get along as well as you and Faith seem to. Sigh... I really, really do.

Scrambled eggs and cupcakes. I think my kids could be on board with that. :)

Post-Modern Jen said...

Hi Mary Beth,

Been reading your blog for a while, and it's always so great to see what delicious healthy treats you're making and what new seasonal crafts you've come up with (love the nature table idea!). I'm also so happy for Rainer and his improving health, he is amazing and adorable! I have a simple bread recipe on my blog (though I don't think it would stand up to PB&J, it's too crumbly!), would love it if you would visit.

Take care,

Julie said...

Oh, that bread looks so delicious! I really need to try making some at home too!

The Highlands Mathis said...

You have a D-40, too?! I love the pictures on your blog, what lens do you take most of them with?

Holly C. said...

Every thing looks yummy! Is that a mini Le Creuset I spy?

Glad your little boy is doing good.

Marina said...

I hope so much that the little Rainer will be good...

I like your blog! I saw you made bread, so I thought it could be interesting for you:

Lot of cheers from Italy! XD


Anonymous said...

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