Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy birthday to gam!

Today is my mother's birthday. We had a little "tea" for her yesterday.
{presents for gam}
{homemade butter}
The most exciting part of the day was making butter beforehand. My mother had requested scones and I wanted something special to put on them. I'd never tried making butter before but it turned out to be super fun and fascinating. Dieter shook the jar for about two seconds (it was quite big and unwieldy). Otherwise, my friend Carrie and I took turns shaking the jar--it took about 10 minutes and we were done. It was so exciting when the cream changes from whipped cream to butter. We followed the directions in the River Cottage book and they were spot-on.

{sultana scones}
The scones were delicious--also made from River Cottage. I served them with the homemade butter and strawberry freezer jam.

{faith got her hair cut}
Happy birthday mom/gam! You are so special to us all!


Daniela B. said...

I love so much your blog1It' s so full of color,and joy,and simple things.. :-) I love your way of life!!
Daniela from Italy

silverpebble said...

It looks as though you had a lovely celebration. I am a huge fan of River Cottage - top recipe choices!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog too. I check it everyday. =) I am going to have to try the scones recipe, I am happy I have one of the books your referring too. =D
Have a great weekend.

Oona Nicholas

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

My mama is also "Gam"! I have never heard of anyone else using this name before. Makes me happy to see that ours is not the only Gam out there!
ps- Scones look delish.

Joy said...

Your home always seems so full of light and warmth. I love the shot of everyone in the living room...just being together. I'm sure Gam felt very loved. Isn't the butter thing fun? We did it a few months ago, and I'm thinking of making it a Thanksgiving tradition around here. :)