Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the Carrie visit

Carrie and I had such a fun visit! Now it is over and I miss her already. How awesome is it to have such a good friend? One who really "gets" you, supports you, and to whom you can talk about anything? This trip included a full-day Ikea shop up, lots of coffee--at home and away--and conversations on topics wide ranging from relationships, to raising teens vs. toddlers, to the relative merits of buying a winter coat (and weather said coat should be neutral or colorful), to her vision of the ideal government (I loved hearing that)! We have a running joke that she should move to California to be my personal assistant. She would be great at such a thing--the whole trip she was helping me with everything from reading to toddlers to driving the teens to jam making.
As a hostess gift she left me this vintage Pyrex. It's divided into two sections--perfect for serving two salads or two fruits or chips and a big batch of guacamole. And the lid covers the food for outdoor dining. I love it.

{me and Carrie at the midsummer party}


BellaBree said...

so glad you had fun and got to make some sweet memories...heart friends make the world go round.

Joy said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your friend. I have a friend like that too and I was fortunate enough to just take a vacation with her (and our families) last week. Sweet times!

Carrie said...

And I had the most marvelous time because you are a GREAT host!

Gift of Green said...

I glad the two of you have each other! And Carrie, you are adorable! I don't think I'd ever seen a picture of you.