Thursday, July 2, 2009

more frogs

I've been meaning to share these little beanbag frogs with you. I made these for my friend Sylvia when she visited last week. She had mentioned a year ago that she liked the little frogs she saw on my blog and that she wouldn't mind having some--in multiples, for stacking. Finally I gave her some!
These are stuffed with brown rice, but we decided we like the feel of the old ones better, stuffed with lentils. Either way, there is just something so mellowing about sitting around, chatting with a good friend, and handling a bean bag frog! (And now I have my "task" to make a lentil stuffed item for Sylvia soon!)

By the way, when Sylvia visited, she told me about a blog that I think you might like too. It's called High Desert Home and there is so much good stuff on there: info about unschooling and raising kids (her kids are all grown now), nutrition and health, lots and lots of cooking and domestic stuff, and many interesting book suggestions. The only problem is that the blog's author, Susan, has ended the blog (a few months ago) and may delete it at any second now! That makes me very nervous because I'm not done perusing the archives. So rush on over there if you want and check it out. Oh, and Susan, if you are out there, please don't delete your blog quite yet!


Sarah said...

Those are cute frogs!

The Surette-Nelson Collective said...

Oh my gosh, Mary Beth, those are just presious. I'd love to make some for my little guy. Perhaps I'll dust of the new and never used sewing machine I bought when I was pregnant! lol

gardenmama said...

Oh, your little frogs are so sweet Mary Beth!
We have made beanbags in the past and really enjoy the feel of the lentils too!
Happy weekend to you : )

melissa s. said...

my favorite is the faux bois frog. so cute! happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth, I love the frogs!! I have been admiring them for awhile now you have inspired me once again. I am going to get some fabric and bring out the sewing machine. =)

Oona Nicholas

Rach said...

Very cute frog Mary Beth.

I hope that your IKEA trip went well - always exciting!

And happy birthday to you - love those shoes. Where are they from?

And very sweet fathers days pictures - your boys are really getting big now.

Sorry for the 'catch up' comment...

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I long for summer - I know I should be enjoying the 'now' but I need some sun and warmth. Last spring and summer were such a sad time for us, given Alice's death, that I really want to try and enjoy this one.

Anyway, all the best for now. x

Amy said...

I made one of the frogs for my daughter for Christmas and added rice inside. He lives in our freezer and he is fondly referred to as boo boo froggy- he makes all those little bumps and bruises feel much better- plus the rice wont get too cold to hold against little ones boo boos