Thursday, June 18, 2009

our little vacation

We had a fabulous little Santa Barbara getaway, just Ken, Rainer, and me. It felt fantastic to "recreate" after such an intense year (2 years, I guess--last summer Rainer was too immunosuppressed to go on a vacation). This was just my speed: not very far away, all fun. These top photos are from our lunch Tuesday on the way there, at Padaro Beach Grill. They have a huge sandbox filled with toys and Rainer had it all to himself.

Rainer was such a good little eater the whole trip. It was fun to see. Both nights he ordered macaroni and cheese at restaurants and just scooped bite after bite into his eager little mouth. I love to see him with a hearty appetite.
Here he is at the botanic gardens. He needs to mama-made pants--he has grown, I'm glad to say.

You can see along the edges here that the gardens were burnt in the recent wildfires. A lot of the paths were closed--seeing the destruction really brought the reality of the fires home.

Lunch at Tuttini's.
Rainer's favorite new game: "1-2-3 whee!" in which he holds mommy and daddy's hands as we walk along and every now and again gets pulled up in the air. Also known as the "swing" game. Good stuff.
Climbing at a new playground.
A new discovery: Crushcakes.
Look how yummy. It's a very good thing we didn't get 3--they're so rich.
I would say that this was Rainer's dream vacation--having mommy and daddy all to himself, with lots of playing, staying up late, dips in the hot tub at the hotel--lots of fun. Dieter had a fantastic time at his grandparents too, so all was well. And now we are getting into our busy part of the early summer: Faith's dance recital, summer solstice, Father's day, Ken's and my anniversary, and my birthday, all within the next 5 days. Whew! Have a great weekend, everyone.


Anita Ann said...

looks like a fun time

Kelli said...

I loved the sign that said to use your sences. That was one thing I notice when we were in SB the first week of april. The flowers all smelled so nice. Here in WA state only tulips are blooming in April so not alot of smells. And that it was 70 so we got a bit of the vit D we dont always get here. heheh

Julie said...

It looks like a wonderful trip... and your food finds look delicious!

Joy said...

Those photos of Rainer just warm my heart. He deserves a special little vacation with just mom and dad. :) I'm glad he had a great trip.

Elaina said...

What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of taking one child at a time for a special mom and dad trip.