Monday, June 29, 2009


I took an impromptu blog break. We're feeling very summery around here and just trying to get into the rhythm. A little of what I've been doing:
:: eating leftover birthday cake--love that about a birthday.
::eating lots of this chicken salad. I love it and so does little Rainer--he eats it up, even with all that onion and garlic in there!
::trying to make an iced tea concentrate like Angry Chicken posted about the other day. It's hard to make it as strong as she seems to do . . . still trying.
::having little backyard "outings" with the boys.
::starting my nature journal a little bit.
::playing blocks with the boys.
::being inspired by my new Soulemama postcards.

Happy summering everyone!


Jessica said...

I really wanted to order those postcards, but I was a bit late to the store! It looks like your days are perfectly summery lately!

Desiree said...

You have a beautiful family and your blog is so inspirational to me. And I am drooling over the cake and chicken salad. Yummy!

Joy said...

So much summery loveliness at your place! I love the picture of the boys outside on the quilt and the art journal. Is that the art supplies holder from A Toy Garden? I've been seriously considering getting that for our art shelf here.

dutchgirl said...

ooooooh, that cake looks divine! I think I like it better leftover. I may have to borrow the idea of the nature journal, thank you!

Mary Beth said...

Jessica--I pounced on those cards the instant she listed them. They are so lovely and inspiring!

Joy--yes, it's the same one but I got mine from Magic Cabin. The boys love it and it really does help keep us organized.

gardenmama said...

Your photos are always so pretty and full with color!
Your days look to be filled with inspiration and creativity, it is lovely to have a visit with you in this space : ) Off to go check out the ice tea recipe... (I love the little sticker on yours!)

Andrea said...

I like your woodpecker drawings and LOVE that quilt!