Tuesday, April 7, 2009

little paper baskets

We did such a fun little craft project on Sunday. We made paper folded baskets to give away as little gifts--

I'm trying to be mindful of making the holidays just as much about giving for my children as about getting a little something in their own baskets. And I love making these folded paper boxes. The instructions are in the springtime section of "The Children's Year." We attached a handle to make it a little basket of sorts. (A similar folded box is here. The one in The Children's Year involves some cutting, so I think is not technically origami).
We added some grass and a few candies (there are some wooden eggs in there too just for fun) and the boys can give them to loved ones. Perfect!

It was easy to involve the little ones in this. They can color on the cardstock. They also very much enjoyed pushing the brad through the handle (I use a small holepunch to make a hole).

And of course they enjoyed filling them as well.

Faith loves to get crafty too, so she joined us. She experimented with making baskets from pages of the latest Anthropologie catalog. I think they turned out cute.
Lined up on the mantle, waiting to be passed out. So fun.


ames said...

Brads are so much fun, I wonder why there aren't more of them in everyday life.

Totally adorable baskets!

Joy said...

Those are SO cute! I'm sure the giftees will enjoy them. :)

Sarah said...

What a fun idea! I think we are going to do this.

Liliana said...

Lilly & Co.

christina said...

Those are cute. Adding it to our list. I needed a craft to involve the kids. Do you think stapling it would work instead of the brads?

Jessica said...

You have completely inspired my preschool craft this week. Around 2 on Thursday you know what I'll be doing!