Saturday, March 14, 2009

a saturday post

Faith and I did a little "fashion shoot" today. It was fun--she was very agreeable. You never know when when or if 15 year old girl is going to be extra-agreeable, so I say make the most of it.
I told Faith to take my picture because I'm getting older so fast (!) and I want to freeze this moment and see what I look like. (My face is looking so much more lined now than it used to). I do think about aging quite a bit and it seems the only thing to do is try to stay young inside your head by trying new things, stay healthy by following good lifestyle habits and exercise. That last one a big issue for me. I wish I was someone who loved sports and activity. Instead I'm more of a homebody.
Dieter likes to be active, though! Maybe I can let him inspire me more. He'd be thrilled to have my dance with him any time at all.
And, just to continue the randomness here, look how pretty this soup is. It's the Gypsy soup from The Moosewood Cookbook. I'm setting this aside for Wednesday, which is usually a soup night. Happy weekending to you all.


Joy said...

That soup looks delicious, and although I have the cookbook, I haven't tried it yet. Must do that soon.

You look lovely, btw, and match the green week quite nicely. :)

Carrie said...

I still never consider myself to be very photogenic. I am amazed though at so many women who seem to be more comfortable in their own skin. I too find that I want to capture this moment in time. (Actually, I wish I had captured 38!) I don't know if we are better photographers or just take better care of ourselves. I overheard a woman in the store the other day, who I had always thought of as being 10 years younger than me, say she was 48! I think the fact that we do pay so much more attention to our health is paying off in the most visible ways by the fact that many of us just look younger than say our mothers did at the same age. But I still wish I would have held on to 38 a little longer!

Gift of Green said...

You look great, but yes, I am finally feeling like I am aging, which I don't mind (given the alternative) but like you I wish I had a little more get up and go!

Ria said...

Hi MaryBeth,
My face gets lines, too. And I don't mind, because at 44 I'm feeling good inside. Here in Holland there's a perfect way to keep fit: using the bike. I hardly drive our car, do so much on my beloved bike.
And I think the children keep us young in our minds, playfull and imaginative. At least that's what I see of you.

Love, Ria

Mary Beth said...

Thanks everyone. You are sweet. Ria--I love your idea of bicycling everywhere. Very picutesque! We're about the same age--I'll be 44 in the summer. So yeah, I guess the lines are inevitable, but also kind of shocking when you feel so youthful on the inside.

Jen said...

Gypsy Soup is one of my top favorite soup recipes! I just found your blog and really enjoy it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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