Friday, March 27, 2009

knitting outdoors and other randomness

Is everyone loving the longer days as much as I am? It's such a bummer in winter to get home from work and it's almost dark. I can't take a photo and I don't feel like exercising. Now it's the opposite. Plus, I've had the opportunity to just mellowly sit outside with the boys and do a little tiny bit of knitting. So far, it really does seem to encourage their happy and independent play. Last night Dieter was gathering fruit from the yard (kumquats and green blueberries) for the fairies and Rainer dug in the sandbox and played with the Tonka trucks.

So, about the knitting, I decided to frog the scarf I was making and instead started the "Wiggly Worm" scarf from Knitting Pretty. I am so excited about it. It will be for the boys and I am learning how to do increases. I think I may have figured out how to knit in the front and the back of a stitch through trial and error. When I finally take the knitting lesson I'll find out for sure if I'm doing it right. It's very fun to see the snake's tail form.

For those of you visiting for the first time from Crafty Crow (my bean soup was featured over there yesterday) welcome! Take a look around, feel free to hang out if you like what you see.

About the magazine conversation, good comments still coming in there. More of my thoughts: I do like to buy Mothering off the newstand from time to time. I loved the issue a few months ago with articles on "urban hiking", the dad who came to accept his son playing with dolls, and outdoor kindergarten in Germany--excellent issue! But their "stuff we love" column really bugs me and seems so anti-Mothering. I used to love Brain,Child but gave it up a few years ago when I thought the quality of writing went down (compared to its early years). Cookie somehow, oddly, doesn't make me feel bad about my situation . . . don't know why.

And some good internet type inspiration from real people:
It's Friday already. Enjoy these longer, lighter days.


Joy said...

We are also enjoying the longer days and more time outside. The snake looks cute; you'll have to let us know how it turns out. I was inspired by your post on kids playing yesterday, and did my own version today. :) Happy Friday!

Tutta la Storia said...

I agree about the longer days, although it seems unfair that I am putting my boy to bed just as it is getting dark. What a neat idea, the snake scarf! Ooh, and kumquats for the faeries? I love the images that bit of prose is conjuring!

Carrie said...

I still buy Brain, Child occasionally. It's more of quote now for Anna, as in "use your brain child!" I think teenage girls are stressful. If I were to start a magazine, it would be targeted towards the parents of teenage girls!

I'm excited that you have kumquats! Maggie, who was my boss when we lived in Maryland, use to bring in kumquats that her parents, who lived in California had grown. They would ship them to her. It was the first time I had ever had them and I loved them. I've tried to buy them in Kansas but they never taste right.

maya said...

Congratulations on your bean soup! Every minute we can, we're out there. I think Cookie doesn't make me feel bad because it's so clearly a consumer magazine. So there's an element of choice there - we know what we're opening before we open it. I have to contact Mothering because they've sent me at least 30 renewal envelopes, we did give 3 subscription gifts, but they should update their system. It's very "unMothering" +that means that everyone else got at least ten this past Winter. By the way - you have great readers.

Melissa said...

I have forgottent to tell you how much WE love your bean soup-- I have made it once a week since you posted. We make a whole day of it (because sometimes when you are stuck inside on a rainy day with a 2 year old you need a whole days worth of bean-related activities. We soak dried bean, simmer in a crock pot and ladle it into the blender...) Delish!

woolanthropy said...

The wiggly worm scarf is so cute! I am sure you are probably doing the increases correctly. You can always check on They have great video clips.

I love the dog scooter. It is an amazing gift of woodwork. I wish I had those kind of skills but the hubby says I can't take up any new hobbies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth!
We are LOVING the black bean soup.
Thank you for such an easy and frugal recipe. Like many others, I'm sure, I found you thanks to the Crafty Crow. Your blog is inspiring me to get crafty, as well.
Thank you,

Machelle said...

hello, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of your knitting adventure. I am self taught and love that someone else is doing it too. I found a website called It has videos for each stitch. Happy knitting!!!

Anonymous said...

I just had my first lesson in knitting on Friday and I am hopping to get the hang of it so that by the end of the year I can start making my girl some toys. I love the worm!