Sunday, March 15, 2009

at the demonstration garden

For our Saturday afternoon outing the with the little boys, we walked to the local demonstration garden. It was all new to me, and it was wonderful! What a treat to be there on a cloudy afternoon with pizza dough rising at home and the four of us all together. March has been so good to us with cool weather and more clouds than usual (I get so burnt out on sunshine, really, it makes me a little grumpy when we get no variation).
The demonstration garden is really big with lots of areas. Here is the shrub "maze" (not really a maze, but Dieter thinks it is. He's the perfect size for it. It just goes around in a rectangle). I love the sort of "magical" play and pretend that is inspired by being outdoors.

On Sunday I was inspired to go right back. This time Ken stayed behind to work in our own yard, and I packed a vegan snack. Dieter was fascinated by the "vegan" aspect and asked lots of questions about which foods come from animals and which foods come from plants. The kids aren't doing "vegan 'til 6" of course, but it's just easier (for me) to pack a snack we can all eat. And it's certainly healthy for them too.
Golden raisins from farmer's market. He thinks they are "gummies." I told him they're better than gummies, which, of course, they are.
(Cute knitted hat here from Tava. Thank you, Tava! If you have a blog, please let me know and I'll link to you.)
Tomorrow we are off to the hospital with Rainer. I took the day off work. He's starting the second part of his "DI-2", so finally an end is in sight. He's been sick, so it's been delayed again and again. I'm so relieved to be finally starting. Now I can worry about how he does instead of worrying about when he'll start. It will be a big party when he's done.


Pumpkin Cupcake Queen said...

I see you are in southern California. So am I. What city is the demonstration garden in? I would love to go see it!

Joy said...

I hope Rainer's last leg goes well. The gardens look beautiful!

Jessica said...

There's a garden like that near my house, too. It's my favorite place to spend time in the summer. Those raisins look so yummy. My best for Rainer...I'm glad the end is in sight.

Amber said...

Good luck Rainer :) We'll be thinking of you (& your cool mama!)

Tava said...

I will be thinking of Rainer and you too! I'm glad he likes his hat ;-) Also, I don't have a blog yet, I'm thinking it over. I will let you know if/when I do.