Tuesday, February 24, 2009

good morning

Ooh, thanks so much for your input yesterday on the fabric bucket. It does make me feel "spurred along" to keep experimenting. And yes, I agree that most people could find a use for one if they really thought about it . . .
Sometimes after I stop at the post office, which I did yesterday, I also pop in to our library used bookstore. I came out with these. Aren't they delicious? That Chanticleer one is ideal. We already call our black rooster in the farm "Chanticleer" so the book really caught Dieter's attention. He loved it and wanted it read to him 3 times. The illustrations are exactly my taste. Child of Faerie, Child of Earth was not so popular with him, but he did let me read it to him. I think it's lovely.
Look what appeared in my mailbox "unexpectedly" last week. I say unexpectedly because when I preordered Soulemama's book (which comes out in August), Amazon "suggested" that I might like to preorder Weekend Sewing as well. So I clicked on it, having no idea it was being released the very next week. It is gorgeous! Really good stuff in there--exciting projects, a very cute section on how to set up a sewing corner in a small space, and the book just has the sweetest tone to it. Heather Ross talks about growing up on a lovely property in the country and playing outdoors all the warm months, but when the weather drove her and her sister indoors they would craft the whole winter away. This book does have a lot of the typical projects all the sewing books have--napkins, tablecloth, pillowcase, and that sort of thing (although it is lovely to see them sewn up in her cute fabrics), but also some really original projects as well, like a leather purse (!), gardening gloves, and way more women's clothes than I've ever seen in this type of book before. I'm very excited to try some of those.
And finally I've been meaning to share these lovely fabrics with you. I placed an order from Superbuzzy a few weeks back, and since the business is located in Ventura, I picked it up on my way home from work one day. It was so fun to see her warehouse and glimpse all the loveliness. I wanted to mention how lovely everything was in person. The lady who runs the shop said business was really bad in 2008, but she hopes things pick up in 2009. I want to support her business so I guess I'll be buying more! I really don't think it's expensive when you consider that you can get a lot of little projects out of a half a yard of fabric.

Tomorrow starts "Vegan til 6." It turns out Faith is doing it with me, so I need to find a vegan bread for her pb and j sandwich I pack in her lunch every day. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Sarah said...

Do you know Jim Weiss's "Animal Tales" CD? It is just fabulous and has "Chanticleer" on it. His performance of "The Tortoise and the Hare" is priceless.

I'm on the hunt for an inspirational, simple sewing book for my girls.

Joy said...

A friend referred me to your blog yesterday, and I'm so glad she did! It's wonderful! I wish our library had such fantastic books at their sales. The Chanticleer is great. :)

Meg said...

Love the fabrics! I've never ordered from Superbuzzy, but it's one of my favorite places for online browsing. They have such a neat selection of different fabrics.

And I've been eyeing that new Heather Ross book. I'm trying to convice myself that I can wait...I haven't decided on what to give up for Lent, but I'm contemplating giving up buying things (fabric, yarn, books) that aren't necessary. (Like you did in September.) The book will still be around in six weeks, right?

I look forward to seeing what adorable things you make with that great fabric!

Andrea said...

I love the Child of Faerie book--what a great used book find! My older son wasn't that interested when I first got it for him, but I recently read it to all 3 boys and they seemed to enjoy it (but I might put it away with the "fall" books.)...and look at all that yummy Superbuzzy fabric! How fun to live close by (and save on S&H). And vegan bread--I make the "light wheat" bread from Artisan Bread in 5 min., but use 3 1/2 cups whole wheat and 3 white (instead of 5 1/2 white, 1 ww), and it comes out great. You may even be able to up the ww even more...will be hard to not eat it hot out of the oven with lots of butter though (vegan margarine perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

My fiance is vegan (as am I mostly, except for the occasional dairy product), and for bread there are a few options. Trader Joe's has several sprouted breads that are vegan (watch out for honey!) and the Ezekiel 4:9 breads (available at Whole Foods and natural food stores) are also vegan. They taste a little different than regular bread, but I've come to like it! And so much great protein!

Thanks for spreading the word about veganism!

Gift of Green said...

Good morning! to you!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Ezekial bread! It's yummy--especially toasted--but even not (after awhile on the non-toasted--you do have to transition to the taste--but toasted is GREAT the first time, or was for me).


ames said...

Ooh, look at that lovely stack of fabric! I've been eyeing Superbuzzy for a while, I think it's time I picked a few yards out for myself. Lucky you that they are local!