Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Mail Day

We got a package! First Rainer reached in,
then Dieter,
Knitted sock puppets!
One for each boy. Thank you Big Bucket Girl, you rock! (The boys really like them)!
We got new Hannas on the same day (on sale!).
But Rainer was pretty disappointed not to get any (he's over it now. Little boy has all his brother's hand-me-downs and alas does not need Hannas.


Carrie said...

I had a good mail day yesterday too! I didn't even know I was missing some of the items! Love my pear and coasters! Anna and I did debate the shape. She doesn't see it. I think she's just defiant. Thanks!!! It made my day.

Mary Beth said...

Carrie--it is like the olden days when you were my only commenter!

I'm so glad you loved your package. Sorry I was so late in sending it!

Carrie said...

I am a devoted reader and have been lax in my commenting. Perhaps this is my reward for posting a comment - star billing!

jk said...

Adorable sock puppets! Cute Hannas - I wish we needed something right now - I just can't justify it even *with* the sales going on right now kids have so many clothes!

Laura said...

Hi! Just wanted you to know that I love your blog and nominated it for an award. You can read about it here.

Mary Beth said...

Thank you, Laura!! I'm very flattered!

jk--I so agree. I haven't bought any hannas for years (used to buy them all the time for the older kids), but in this case we really had a need and since the sale is on, I justified it. :)