Thursday, January 22, 2009

fabric covered containers

It was extremely satisfying to be able to make several of these little covered containers during just one nap this weekend. The tutorial is here.
This was very quick and easy, and I love how this project allows you to highlight small pieces of some of your favorite fabrics. These can be vases or hold art supplies. You could even cover a larger coffee can and use it to hold toys or blocks. The possibilities really are endless. (And what a great way to reuse some items that might otherwise get thrown in the trash or recycled.)

I've been getting home a bit early this week because of finals. It's been nice. Today I got a walk in with Ken and the boys. The little ones had fun showing me all the "sights" on their usual walk. I love seeing the neighborhood through their eyes.
It rained today! What a nice break from the heat and sun. Rainer obviously enjoyed the change as well.


Carrie said...

Rainer looks very pleased with his leafs. What a cutie.

ames said...

You must have a great stash to pull from, I love the green and leaf theme! And look, a red and leaf theme at the bottom of the page, brilliant!

leslie said...

i love the rain too!! we are in so cal as well and the heat last week was too much!


melissa s. said...

love your jars...and those little rainer socks. so cute!

Jessica said...

I love projects that let you use up a bit of your favorite fabrics. I always love your fabrics-so cheery!

Hege said...

What a great idea!
Love the one with elephants :)

Lia said...

Very cute mushrooms.

I'm not sure about hiding a knot but I'd love to know too. I just made a set of Wee Wonderful dolls and their smiles just don't look right with a bump at the end. I bought the pattern after seeing your cute cats. We can't wait to try those.