Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Toy

I am freaking out over these unit blocks that we recently took out of storage to give to Dieter for his fourth birthday. These are Jacob's old blocks that I bought right around 1993, for his birthday. Back in those days, there was no buying toys online--it was all phone orders. I found an ad in the back of Mothering magazine and called the guy who makes these. That is really kind of cool in a way. They have stood the test of time, too. They're just as fun and beautiful as they ever were.

They come in this little wooden wagon. I love putting the blocks away in this--it's thrilling how they all fit together perfectly into a cube. The wagon is big enough to push Dieter around in. Jacob used to give Faith rides in it--that's what she liked about this block set, although both really played with the blocks. I'm excited to introduce them to a new set of littles!


jennifer said...

My son plays with his unit blocks every day. To be honest, we all do. There is always a job site somewhere, and everyone usually contributes in some way. Each day, I can't wait to see what gets built. Talk about constuctive play -- it doesn't get any better than this!

Anonymous said...

Those are very nice blocks!

UNFORTUNATELY, most of these types of toys won't be around much longer! Or, at least, they will be harder to find, and much more expensive. How sad!

I'm sorry! I don't mean to be such a downer. I am just so disappointed about the new toy law coming into effect soon.

I know you will be able to get blocks from the big companies and stores, but the real quality ones come from "the little guys."

Thanks for a nice blog, Mary Beth. I come visit everyday. I don't normally leave comments; I just enjoy coming here for your inspiration, and to see your beautiful family. I find myself thinking about Rainer, and wishing for a miracle. I enjoy seeing what your daily life is like, and the activities you do for your home, and with your family, but most of all I just like your positive attitude(energy) that comes through your writing. You have such a neat(strong) way of looking at life.


Carrie said...

I loved those blocks. Delightful.

Emily with an M said...

This is so sweet! How nice to have something that all of your kids have played with.

Kristi said...

Your sons always look so happy and so involved in their playing. It is so sweet to peck in!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy you blog each time I read it...curious about those "colored rocks" your son is stacking on the blocks. What are they and did you make them?

Philigry said...

I found your blog today. So glad I did! I love it. Happy New Year.

Mary Beth said...

Anonymous (1)--I too am so distressed about the plight of handmade toys. I feel certain the bad law must be reversed somehow, hopefully soon.

Anonymous (2)--the colored rocks are Stonees, purchased from Magic Cabin. They are fun, but painted rocks would be just as fun I'm sure.

Rach said...


hanna said...

Wow, they do look great.
Liam also got some great wooden blocks for Christmas - and he plays with them so much. They will also last for years - a great investment.
Oh I was just going to ask about the rocks but I see you've answered - I thought they may be crayons.

Shannon said...

Mary Beth,

Your kids have such great developmentally appropriate toys. Fostering creativity, problem solving and cooperation is becoming a lost art with many parents today (and sadly many preschools too). I went to Toys R Us with a purchase order to buy toys for my preschool classroom and was extremely disappointed. Everything is drill and kill learning materials for rote skills (ABC's, numbers), light up/noisy toys, video games, TV/movie characters. Where were the wooden blocks or even decent story books? Nowhere to be found.

I'll get off my soap box now.


Shannon said...

I found this interesting website with research about play and early childhood development.


Shannon Wakeman

vincent said...

Your children have the greatest toys around!!! I love them... My daughter loves her blocks and got some really nice ones from doobleh-vay!!!