Sunday, December 7, 2008

How the Advent Village is Coming Along

I have to say, I think the Advent/Christmasy Village is a hit. Each day one of the children takes a turn taking something down from the calendar and adding it to the village scene.
Dieter opening yesterday's item.
It's a snowman! (An ornament Ken made a few year's ago).
The snowman is added to the village.
Even the teens are participating. (Yes, I know I need to take those leaf banners down!) I adore these vintage-y trees my mom gave me.

Current simple pleasure: thumbing through my books and magazines in search of a recipe for thumbprint cookies. I know I could get one instantly online, but I like doing it the "retro" way sometimes. Besides, our printer is dead, so I wouldn't be able to print it out anyway (grr). Happy weekend!


gardenymph said...

I just love how the village is coming along! I have gathered a few supplies to start ours, and I am just wishing that I had started sooner. It may be a half month advent. :~) Oh well, as long as fun is had, right?

Great to see the teens enjoying the surprises too. :~)

Anita Ann said...

Your village is coming along so wonderfully.

Tava said...

Thumb print cookies in December's Martha!

Nicole said...

This is the sweetest! I *love* what you have made for and with your family!!! It is looking really good as it fills in little by little! Thanks for the great idea!

Saver Queen said...

I just adore your advent village. It's just beautiful, I love it. The wooden animals are wonderful, no wonder the boys love them so much!

mommyme said...

What a wonderful idea. We will have to start this next year. I do like how it replaces the "what do I get" focus found in traditional advents.