Sunday, December 14, 2008


So many Decembery things are going on right now. Much to my delight, we awoke to a frosty morning.
Ken and I celebrated our "first date anniversary." It is so awesome to reconnect as a couple. I think the anniversary of our first date is maybe my favorite anniversary of all. Such great memories. And now it's a tradition for Faith to take our picture every year right before we go out.
Playing pretend with the boys Sunday morning.
Studio day! Hooray! Thanks to Ken. I'm trying to get as ready as possible before the break. I have a nice stack of these now--all tied and ready for giving.
I've enjoyed making them in stolen minutes in the studio. I hope others will enjoy receiving them. It's always sort of a leap of faith in putting yourself "out there" to give a handmade gift.
Waiting to be given.
Starting something new.
Faith made hot cocoa for us and brought me some in the studio. I like that in a teen.

I felt very Christmassy having a studio day (actually only an afternoon, but most welcome indeed, nonetheless--I did my normal routine in the morning of taking the boys to Farmer's Market. It was so fun going to Farmer's Market in the "cold." But I do think Rainer needs a hat). I still have much more baking to do, and Christmas card posting, not to mention mailing packages. But I'm strangely calm this year. Either it will get done in time, or it won't. The important thing is that we're all together. Happy holiday preparations to you--.


Angie said...

I still have many things to do before Christmas. We are going all handmade this year and definitely simplifying things. But my "studio" time is few and far between.

I hope Rainer is still feeling well.

Carrie said...

Happy First Date Anniversary! I remember how excited you were. What a delightful romantic meeting!

mbutterfudge said...

Of course...either it will get done...or it won't...of course. As always you seem to say just the right thing. That knot of worry in my tummy about getting everything done in time for Christmas, just relaxed. It's so crazy the nonsense of it all. When all that matters is family, health and well being.
You guys look so happy. Much love, ClareX

Our Green Nest said...

Aawww yes, first date anniversaries are very special! :)

ames said...

Every year I suffer a lot of anxiety over that leap of faith with handmade gifts, and every year Teo reminds me that even if they aren't head over heels in love with it, it makes me happy giving handmade gifts too so it's worth it.

Julie said...

People will love to receive your handmade gifts... they are beautiful! Happy Decembering!

Kelli said...

dont worry about putting yourself outthere for handmade gifts. IF ANYONE doesnt appreciate them, THEY are missing the true joys of giving/receiving. I would trade everything store bought for handmade!

Elfin Goddess said...

Hey! I wanted to say that I totally agree with you about taking a leap of faith when making and giving handmade gifts. So far this year, all I made were 2 knitted scarves....but it was soooo enjoyable and Im so excited at gifting them! I feel that spending money at a store is the easiest thing to do, but actually applying oneself and putting oneself into making a gift sure lets the recipient know how much you really love them :) Cheerio!

Andrea said...

Such pretty coasters and pears!

Lynda said...

I'm with you on putting yourself out there with homemade gifts. I struggle with that every year. I usually always buy them something too which defeats the purpose!

hanna said...

You are doing so well with all your Christmassy things. I need one of you at my house :o). Love the sunflower bags. and all those little coasters! you have been busy, they must have taken you a while.
Ahhh for a studion day, sigh!