Friday, September 19, 2008

Ten Random Things I'm Enjoying Lately

Art supplies . . .
and the boys' creations.
This pumpkin, and the anticipation of harvesting it at Halloween time.
Continuing my quest to learn how to knit. This is a simple slipper pattern from Knitting Pretty.
Continued blooms in the cutting garden . . . although there are far fewer now.
The phenomenon of the zucchini soup eater. It warms my heart with every enthusiastically received batch.
The fall leaves the boys are starting to bring me.
Wearing red shoes.
Cutting the dead flowers and Rainer's fascination with them.
The continued zucchini harvest. It still delights me.

Thank you so much for your nice thoughts and comments and good prayers for Rainer. You blog readers are so sweet and supportive. I wish I could reply to you all and go leave comments on your blogs, but alas, not enough online time, although I would love to, believe me. I am starting to reply to questions in the comments, so if you've asked a question, go back there to see my reply.

The autumn equinox is this weekend. Hooray! We are excited to have our little tea to celebrate the change of seasons.


ponderingponteuf said...

Hello there,
I recently discovered your blog and I am devouring the archives with the same enthusiasm as I eat my green and blacks!LOL
Your children are delightful as are your pictures.
Your precious son Rainer fills my heart with wonderment and joy as I read through his journey.What a special little boy and handsome to boot:0)
Hello and pleased to meet you.
Looking forward to many more of your posts,
kind regards,

{imagine. dream. create. } said...

Your pumpkin looks so nice! Knitting is very relaxing... have fun with your slippers.

Its_Lily said...

Mary Beth - I love the green yarn. Such a soothing color. What is it?

ames said...

Hey, look at you all knitty-knitty! And I really get a kick out of how much Rainer loves the zucchini soup, that's awesome!

Red shoes bring me much joy too :)

Chris said...

I need a new pair of red shoes. My favorite fall pair is completely worn out!
An equinox tea - that sounds fun, maybe we will try that.
And some zuchini soup.
By the way, I've loved those pictures of the 2 little ones you've shared recently - they are just the cutest things.

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

beautiful photography!!! it's so inspiring I just dug out a blanket that I never finished crocheting. I am going to finish it now! I am really enjoying your blog.

Mary Beth said...

Hi It's Lily--the green yarn is just cheap acrylic "Vanna White" yarn from Joann. Appropriate for this slipper project, though--since they will be washed often. I love the color too.

Michaela said...

Mary Beth,
I found your blog few weeks back. It was actually a little funny. I read about you on one of the Slovak blogs that I just accidentally run into. Ever since I am a daily reader, or daily checker if there is a new post. :)
I just want it to let you know that your idea of posting 10 thing you enjoy lately inspired me to look around me and realize how many of those things we have. Thanks for making me realize I have so many of them to be thankful for.
Is it getting closer to Thanksgiving??? :)