Friday, September 5, 2008

Easy Iced Coffee

I found an interesting and easy way to make iced coffee from this article (via The Small Notebook). Here is what I found out: brewing the coffee in cold water brings out all the lovely flavor without any of the bitterness. I never knew that before. And it's so easy and "30 Days of Nothing" approved (no gadgets to buy or anything like that, plus it saves you running out and buying iced coffee).

Just take a jar and mix together 1/3 c. ground coffee and 1 1/2 cups cold water. Let stand at room temp for 12 hours, then strain twice. I used a regular coffee filter to strain mine and it didn't seem to need the twice, although I did do that the first time. What you are left with is a concentrate which you dilute half and half with water.
I added milk too. I'm not normally a sugar person (in my coffee. You know I'm a total sugar person elsewhere), but with iced coffee it's kind of nice. Try it! (By the way, aren't sugar cubes so old fashioned and simple-pleasure-y?)


Hannah said...

The iced coffee looks really tasty.
I feel the same way about sugar lumps - I think these ones are darling (hope the link works)

Laura said...

Looks delicious! I used to always have sugar cubes in my cupboard because they are more 'proper' to use for tea :)

Rachel said...

Oh goodness! I just found your blog a few days ago Mary Beth, so it was so funny to see that link on your post in my reader this morning.

I'm just amazed at how good iced coffee is when it's made this way. I never buy it anymore, because this way tastes so much better.

I usually just make it in the french press, and it has a fine mesh strainer so that works well enough for me -- quick and easy.

Lovely blog.

Rachel said...

Mmm, sugar cubes. My husband made the mistake of buying a packet once, supposedly for me to have in my tea, but I just ate them all like sweeties!! ;)

ames said...

Ooh yum, I'll have to try this out! I just love iced coffee.

nicole said...

looks so simple and tasty. I am having one tomorrow!

Kel Luvs Pink said...

Thank you for this post. I just got a Blendtec with great recipes that call for coffee concentrate and this is going to be so easy.