Friday, August 8, 2008

Random Friday Post

Yesterday the new Wondertime arrived, with a delightful looking recipe for peanut butter power balls. Faith and I were inspired to make them right away, but opted for our tried and true recipe, the chocolate chip version. They are so yummy. The little guys rolled their own too, so it's a good cooking project for little ones. Well, Dieter rolled his. Rainer played and sampled. Still, a good time was had by all.
Faith and I popped in to the Bargain Box again on Wednesday, after her dental appointment. My mom volunteers there and she was working. I found this weird tree stump thing that I love so very much. I don't even know what it is, but for us it is the perfect nature table addition. I was going to save it for the fall nature table, but I couldn't resist it so it's out already. I may never rotate it out.
I found a couple children's books at the Bargain Box too. One is clearly for the winter book rotation (Animals in Winter--an old book--I don't see it on Amazon) which got me to thinking, why not put together a summer basket? Yet, we have very few books that are clearly about summer. So I just gathered some books that a vaguely summery and placed them together. That top book, also old, is our other Bargain Box find. Dieter really likes it. Ten kids play hide and seek on a city block. Anyway, it's been fun bringing out some books that we weren't otherwise reading. Dieter loves to be read to, although it's always a challenge because Rainer is far less patient. Hopefully with time they'll both like reading.

Happy Friday and 8/8/08 to you all!


Laura said...

We will have to try the peanut butter (WITH chocolate) balls soon! I'm a peanut/chocolate fan. I used to love Reeses peanut butter cups...but now I don't. I want to like them...and for the last few holidays I still receive them as gifts, but I take a nibble and they taste so fake to me now. I guess that is a good problem..hee hee.
Your nature table looks wonderful, as always...and do does your book basket :)

Have an EXTRAORDINARY weekend!

melissa s. said...

i love the tree stump, too. what a cool find. and i didn't even realize it was 8/8/8 today (maybe because i can't really accept that it's august already). happy weekend!

hsing3kinder said...

I love the idea of a seasonal book basket!

MoziEsmé said...

The peanut butter balls look wonderful - I want to try those with Esme sometime.

And books - that is one of the things I miss most about the US - shopping 2nd hand for books. I LOVE kids' books, and Esme is starting to love them too.

Shannon said...

Oh! What a good idea to have themed book baskets, I was just the other day thining about how many fun books we have, but those flimsy paperback picture books get so lost in one another on the shelf! I am totally going to try that! And of course some peanut butter balls too. Man I love your blog! √ú