Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Look 6179 and Other Summer Happenings

I made another blouse. This completes the trio of summery tops I contemplated here. This is very similar to Simplicity 3835, but this has the placket and drawstring detail. There's a little more shaping through the body too. I really like this pattern; it's old-- I hadn't made it in years.

I have a funny story about Rainer nursing. He's very verbal for his age, I think, and now he specifies where he wants to nurse. I think he got the idea from me; we used to have "computer nursey" (my term). But he doesn't want that anymore. Now he asks for "nursey couch" or "nursey bed." Yesterday he asked for "nursey trampoline!" Seriously. It sounded like "nursey tampine" but Dieter interpreted for me. Since then, he's said it more times, little rascal.

The photoshoot for the new blouse inspired much play with snapdragons.
Here's dinner. Each dinner feels like such an accomplishment. This one pleased me especially. The tomatoes are home grown. The salad is almost entirely homegrown and I included some of the sprouts. I think that's the way to use them up. Also, I bought this watermelon from Farmer's Market from the organic stand, and it has seeds; I hadn't seen seeds in a watermelon for a long time. It's a very good one, so I think in-season watermelon is the way to go.

I started a circle sampler on a scrap of linen. I want to learn how to applique little circles and it is so much fun. I'll add more tomorrow.

And the new issue of Living Crafts arrived. Lots of fall inspiration, not that I really want to think about fall right now, but maybe a nice Living Crafts will ease the transition.


Bella said...

Your dinner looks delish!!!



Amy said...

The dinner does look very yummy and that little smile on Rainer sure is nice to see!
Good luck with all your cirles you have alovely start!

MamaAngel said...

I love the shirt! I'll venture into the sewing clothing phase soon I think.

I am drooling over the Living Crafts mag too, and just finished the pumpkin house for the hedgehogs! I'm making the hedgehogs today and will post about it later.....

ames said...

Nursing on the trampoline, too funny!

Wish I could have dinner at your house, those tomatoes are *gorgeous*!

cygnetsmall said...

Your blog is really lovely, and I have to say the bit about nursing made me giggle and miss nursing my babies all at once. Thanks for sharing!

Mama de Saga said...

The top is so pretty, and you dinner looks delish. What a smart boy you have!

jessi said...

mmmm...that dinner looks yummy!

Rach said...

Lovely top - I will be in need of some bigger tops for our summer, although if its hot I think I will live in singlets (tanks) and skirts.

Minnie breastfed until she was 2yrs5months. She loved it and only stopped because I decided it was time. She handled the end very well, perhaps better than me. She called it 'book.' Not sure why as she could say loads of others words to describe it but she always called it 'book.' It was quite a handy term as sometimes she would ask at inappropriate times - like in the store or when we were in line at the bank etc. As she asked for 'book please mummy' people just thought she wanted to read! Cute.

I am looking forward to the new baby and breastfeeding all over again.

Celia said...

This post gave me kinda peace!

PolarBearCreations said...

Your little guy is such a cutie!:0)You both have the same look on those pictures.
Great blog by the way!
Love all your baking,cooking and crafting.
Just got my Living crafts as well... what a great magazine!!

Anonymous said...

Rainer is looking so well.. I just love your blog..
Thank you for sharing.