Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whee! Almost summer!

Okay, it's really almost summer and I'm so excited. I have a million ideas and honestly, the anticipation and planning is almost better than the reality. I love this point in the year where I can imagine all I want to do while the summer weeks stretch enticingly before me. The reality is that time is short and summer goes fast. Nonetheless, I love to plan and list things.
Some items from my list:
:: Celebrate Faith's birthday
:: Celebrate the Solstice
:: Celebrate our anniversaray
:: Celebrate Midsummer, and especially, research traditional "midsummer" rituals
:: Celebrate my birthday
:: have picnics. Consider fun picnic foods. Little meat pies. Little hand pies.
:: grow sprouts
:: bake bread
:: make ice cream from "Apples for Jam" (without an ice cream maker, should be an adventure, but I'm up for it).
:: make popsicles, juice pops, pudding pops, yogurt pops
:: make "water ices" (from Festivals, Family, and Food)
:: make jam
:: attend the concerts in the park
:: "hungry teatimes"
:: have a "sensory party." Refurbish all three sensory tables, set them out for the boys, make it a party.
:: make ice treasures.
:: eat our harvest
:: eat healthy
:: learn to cook beans

:: learn to knit
:: sew
:: institute an early bedtime
:: take the boys to the park
:: run
:: exercise
:: lose weight
:: make sugar scrubs
:: clean with natural ingredients
:: save money
:: get outdoors every day
:: enjoy the family
:: nurture the family
:: breathe
:: live
:: love

What's on your list?


Sarah said...

What a wonderful list! As far as cleaning with natural cleaners, there is a great book called Clean House, Clean Planet filled with really amazing recipes for homemade cleaners. Since I bought it three years ago, I haven't had to buy a single cleaning product from the store.

Amy said...

What a list! The only real thing I have on my list is once we find out the sex of the baby-finish baby room, go through hand me downs, make a list of "to makes" for new baby. Baby baby baby-I think I need to include a little Zoe stuff in there too!

dottycookie said...

We made the ice treasures last week - we had so much fun we will DEFINITELY be doing them again in the summer!

MamaBlogger said...

i remember making ice cream by hand when i was in grade school - i stirred forever but then miraculously, little ice crystals appeared. it was so cool (sorry the pun), i think i'll add that to our summer list too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That list is quite inspiring!

Rachel said...

Man, that is some to-do list!! Those ice treasures look fun, I think I might try that with my boys. I make my own sugar scrubs -just sugar, olive oil and some essential oil for fragrance - lovely! We don't finish school til the end of July so I haven't really thought about my to-do list yet - you've certainly given me some ideas though! x

MoziEsmé said...

Are summers that long in your area?! Looks like fun, but VERY ambitious!

ames said...

Doesn't your upcoming summer sound lovely! I really dig that you're excited about it instead of dreading having to come up with ways to occupy the kids. Sounds like a wonderful time is ahead (and those juice pops look delicious!) I want to have a solstice celebration too, or maybe a first-year-in-the-new-home anniversary party. And lots of embroidery in addition to sewing and baking :)

Susan said...

I love your list (probably because I'm a big list-maker myself.) I just posted a big list of activities for toddlers/ preschoolers on my own blog, but I haven't actually thought about MY list yet. Hmmmm....

periwinkle said...

big list so many good things on it too, my youngest 11 months goes to bed at 6 and Milo nearly 4 goes to bed at 7.. he always has since he was a baby. Did you come up with your zucchini recipes?
Lisa x

Barbara said...

Glad to read you're home from the hospital.

What an amazing list. I think if I put my mind to it I could probably come up with one almost as long. Just off the top of my hat though: Chill out with my girl. See my sister. Visit local castles. Eat good food. Do some great crafting. Put up a tree swing. Learn a bit more about my camera. Nuture my garden. That'll do for starters!

Mom said...

Love that list!! An ice cream freezer is as close as our garage - the boys would love it! And, by the way, isn't one big celebration missing? Those crazy elderly parents are having an anniversary too.

Heids said...

What a fabulous list! Hope you have a wonderful summer doing all those lovely, homely, earthy...just good honest fun things!!! Thank you for the reminder that life is about living, loving and having fun.

Carrie said...

I love that your list starts with several "celebrate" items! What a delightful list that errors on the side of pleasure!

Ahfat said...

Wow... that's a really long list of wonderful things to do, so inspiring.

Elfin Goddess said...

Ahh! Just the inspiration I needed to get started on my list!!! Here's a snapshot of mine:
- Focus on the big picture
- Make each day count
- Be grateful
- Pray, pray, pray
- Dream, dream, dream :)

Kelli said...

WOW, I guess I should think about a list and check out all your links for your list. Some of those look great and interesting. Your such an inspiration.