Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Goings-On

We have so many celebrations at this time of year! Friday night Ken and I celebrated our anniversary. Six years! We had a wonderful dinner out with no kids.
Six years of marriage has been a delightful adventure. I'm learning so much. There have been challenges--blending of families, miscarriages, now leukemia--but lots of love always. I chose such a great guy.
Ken built this fort atop the boys new sandbox. Nice, huh?

And Faith's dance recital was Saturday night. She was so grown up and pretty! Here she is just after. Her daddy brought her flowers. Dance has been such a great experience for her, as it was for me too. I actually wish I could still take classes, but alas, no time.

I've been noticing that I don't do as well without a schedule. I'm sort of at loose ends. So this week I'm devoting myself to finding some kind of summer routine I can stick to, which includes doing things I must do, like the laundry, some cleaning, and the nightly cooking, and also some things I want to do--like sewing, which has been non-existent around here for way too long. I feel so much more grounded and centered when I'm creating something. Hopefully I can find some kind of balance. Already the first week is gone, so I'd better get on it.

Also, my coffee maker broke, so I'm contemplating what to get. I've never really chosen my own before. It's exciting.


driftwood said...

congratulations on your wedding anniversary Mary Beth!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary! And congratulations to Faith. She looks so pretty!

amy t sharp said...

yeah- Happy day! Faith is yr striking twin in that photo! Bella!

MamaAngel said...

Happy Anniversary!

I don't know if you are an espresso drinker or not, but I love our stovetop Bialetti coffee maker. It is so easy to use, much easier than electric espresso makers and I just heat up the milk and use a rechargeable frother with it.

Deanna said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a sweet couple.

Gift of Green said...

Brava to you!!! :)

What about a french press (I don't know much about them, frankly) or do you need more quantity than that?!

Laura said...

So happy you were able to celebrate your marriage and have a DATE!

Happy Anniversary! Cute pic of you and Ken :)

Faith looks beautiful!
Hope you come up with a summer routine that works for YOU!

Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! Your weekend looks like it was full of wonderful celebrations!
I'd suggest a french press, too- it makes the most wonderful cup of coffee!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Your daughter is so beautiful and looks just like her mother :)