Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thoughts on the Hospital . . . With Random Photos

Rainer ended up having a pretty long hospital admission yesterday. We went in for a clinic visit at 10:30 am and didn't get home until 10pm. We were pretty sure he'd need a platelet transfusion, but he ended up needing blood too. He was cranky on and off, but for about a 2 hour stretch, while we were waiting for the platelets, he slept in my arms and Ken and I got a chance to really talk and connect in a quiet room. I think most couples with young children know how rare that is. In that way, it was a "date." Rainer got what he needed and now we're home. I'm keeping a close eye on him; he has a low grade fever now.
I have random thoughts on the hospital.

::We're starting to have to refuse all the stuffed animals they want to give Rainer. We've already received several Beanie Babies and a teddy bear, and that's plenty. It's hard to refuse; I feel so mean. But I really believe in the "less is more" concept when it comes to kids' toys, and in the end I don't think the nurses really cared that we said no. Frankly, if I want him to have a new stuffed animal, I'd rather pick out a beautiful plain one myself.

::On the other hand, this time he received a crocheted blanket from Project Linus. He's never gotten one before, and getting a handmade blanket has a totally different feel to it than getting the stuffed animals. It's very sweet; I love the thought of a lady somewhere making blankets for sick children with love and good intentions in her heart.

::I have a childlike fascination with vending machines, and they do have nice ones at the hospital. I find them so appealing and always love to check out what's inside and contemplate real or imaginary options. I'm particularly fascinated by the vending machines that dispense coffee and hot chocolate--there is something so retro about that.

::Whenever Rainer is hospitalized, I'm provided with meal trays as well, for a nursing mother. My lunch yesterday included a side of cauliflower, a side of mushrooms, lasagne with big slices of eggplant in it, soup which contained big hunks of potato and corn, and a side salad of carrots and raisins. That's 5 servings of vegetables right there! I could easily get my 9-11 servings of vegetables daily if I always had someone preparing them and delivering them on a tray to me. It certainly is inspiring (and it was all good).

Hopefully no more hospital time for Rainer until next week or the week after. Now I must get ready for work. Happy Wednesday!


Laura said...

What a blessing that you and Ken could be with Rainer yesterday. My husband was reading your post with me this morning...and we don't like that sweet Rainer has to go through all of this!!!

I am glad that he got a nice blanket and that you got some yummy, healthy food.

Prayers continuing from our home,

Irina said...

I pray for little Rainer. He's so adorable....

Iris said...

Hi Mary Beth,
My thoughts are with you and Rainer a lot these days. I really admire how strong you are and wish your little one all the best.

Also, I can totally relate to your 'date' comments! Isn't it amazing how our expectations change. A few years ago we had fairly extreme stress in our lives and very little money, which meant hardly ever seeing my husband and not being able to afford babysitters to go on a date. But one day we were racing around a local garden shop and took a short rest on a bench in their Japanese garden section with a wonderful stream. It was early morning, outside and one of the most relaxing, unexpected and enjoyable times that we had spent together in ages. Definite inexpensive future date potential!

ames said...

Awww, I love Project Linus.

That is a ton of vegetables, sounds like a nice spread indeed. It's good that they try and alleviate as much frustration as possible byt giving you stuffies and food. I can't even imagine how rough it must be *with* those things, much less *without* them!

Amy said...

How sweet for Rainer to be thought of by someone who lovingly made a blanket. I have wanted to get involved with a project like that for some time now, but I can't seem to finish my own projects...starting another would not be good right now. Maybe sometime in the near future I can commit.
Good thoughts still coming from me!

Hannah said...

Our son's project linus blanket that he received as an eighteen month old facing surgery on deformed kidneys and ureters is a happy sweet memory. Prayers are being sent your way!

jessi said...

Interesting thoughts - I'm so glad your hospital has good food! I'm impressed. I hope Rainer is feeling better today - sounds like he had a rough one yesterday.

periwinkle said...

At least you could all be together. I can understand you not wanting another soft toy for him but just think thats another one they will have for someone else.
Lisa x

MamaBlogger said...

i admire your ability to stay in the moment and be grateful for things like vending machines and hospital food! and your thoughts on the linus blanket made me bump that project up in my to-do list. hugs to you!

Christy said...

Nice that you had a date....and a healthy dinner to boot!

People understand when you don't want a gift, I think. Unless they're giving the gift for themselves....which is sometimes fine, too.....but in this circumstance, I wouldn't want extraneous things to clutter up what's important in life.

Kelli said...

I always scarf down what Kyler doesnt eat on his hospital tray. Which is less now that he is 20! than when he was 2. hehe, between my two oldest children. My oldest who was at grandmas alot when Kyler was in the hospital likes hotdogs, hamburgers, mac and cheese. Hates veggies. Kyler who was in the hospital alot, loves fruits and veggies. hehe