Thursday, June 5, 2008

Posting from the Hospital . . . With Pictures from my Cell Phone

Yesterday Rainer ended up being admitted back to the hospital for his fever.  I worked for a half day or so, until I got the call from Ken that Rainer was going back in.  I was worried, but it now looks like he's going to be fine.  He's on IV antibiotics for a couple days, then, if he's been fever free for 24 hours, we'll go home.  So I'm hanging out with him in the hospital--I'm his main comfort object at the moment.  We read, play with toys, take "walks" around the room. And he nurses and sleeps a lot.  Oh, and we watch Baby Einstein too.  Here he is with his Project Linus blanket from Tuesday.
Some of the toys we brought for him.

Lounging with his newer Project Linus blanket which he got yesterday.  I think they compliment each other.


Sarah and Jack said...

Poor baby. I am sure this is hard on you, take care of yourself too.

MamaBlogger said...

i'm sending some good healing vibes rainer's way. hope you guys are home soon!

kirsten said...

oh no! but he's a tough little guy and i'm impressed from reading your posts that your hospital seems like a decent place. best wishes.

Suzanne said...

Still praying for your precious son:-)))) and you all too.