Friday, May 23, 2008

Six Unspectacular Quirks

Amanda of The Rowdy Pea tagged me for the "Six Unspectacular Quirks" meme. The rules are

* Link the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules in your blog
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them

Okay, here are mine:
  • I must use a soft pillow that sinks down to almost nothing. I can't bear firm high pillows and even travel with my home pillow (which I think is very "little old lady.")
  • I prefer Honey Maid Bees vastly over Teddy Grahams or Keebler Bug Bites. Their grainier.
  • I tend to wear shoes in the house.
  • I'm a blue ink person and sometimes will go to lengths to find a blue pen to avoid writing in black ink.
  • I love instant gratification: if I get a letter in the mail I tear into it right away; same thing with packages; same thing if I have a great blog post--I'll post it right away rather than saving it.
  • "Special grilling issues" annoy me!!
The picture is from Mother's Day. It was on Ken's camera, thus not posted before. I like this shot of me and Faith together--my only girl. Let me share with you a little quirk I just found out about Faith. She loves raw broccoli!! I find that weird; I consider her a picky eater but she's really feeling the raw broccoli love lately.

Now, I'd like to tag . . .
I know you ladies are all really busy, so just ignore this if you like.

Happy Friday everyone! Faith has the day off so she'll be driving down with me on my commute; I'll drop her at her Gam and Papa's, but not before we make a special donut stop.


Laura said...

I hear you on the instant gratification with letters/mail!!! Although, sometimes, if I receive something good in the mail, I will play a game with myself and get all of the dishes done, or fold all of the laundry or...whatever needs to be done. I work so quickly to finish my task and then the special mail is my REWARD! Hey, I guess that is a quirk of mine right there :)
Thank you for tagging me. This will be fun! :)
Enjoy your Mother/Daughter time with Faith!

Carrie said...

What is a "special grilling issue"? What if I have 60 quirks? Pleased to be tagged but it is grant season so it will take a few days. You always look relaxed and I am envious!

Gift of Green said...

We made a donut stop this morning too! Must be something in the water. :) I'll play - although I have no quirks. HA!

Kelli said...

I am the same way with pillows and also travel with mine

MamaBlogger said...

I'm a blue ink kinda girl too. Black ink just doesn't flow like the blue.
Have a good weekend!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Carrie. It seems like every summer the food magazines come out with a "Special Grilling Issue" instead of just a regular issue. I'm annoyed b/c we don't have a gas grill.

denise said...

interesting. i have a favorite type and color of pen. like it that way! ;)

periwinkle said...

Im definately a blue ink person,
Lisa x

Amy said...

I totally and completely agree about the pillow! the squishier and more flat the better!!!!