Friday, May 16, 2008

Nature Table Freshen-Up

Not much today. I just thought I'd share the current incarnation of the nature table. The plants have changed. We now have basil and a zinnia in little pots. I think I need to dramatically thin that basil if I'm going to do anything with it. I've already thinned it a lot, but I think I need to be severe with it. The zinnia is Faith's--I'm surprised at how well it is doing. It started out here. I've also added a little bird ornament from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts. I love this and want to make many more, for gifts and for us. It's going to be very fun picking fabric combinations and different colors.
Also, there are very young peaches that have fallen from the tree too soon--too bad, but they do make an interesting addition to the table.
The back to work routine is making me tired. I have to get up so much earlier now, and the baby never sleeps well. He's in the bed with us, but even with constant access to nursey, he still is wakeful. I think he just doesn't feel well a lot of the time because of the chemo he's getting, although I'm not sure. So I'm tired, but glad today is Friday. I promised Faith that the next thing I make will be a skirt for her that I have been promising for ages, so if I get any time this weekend, that is what I will be sewing. But sewing time looks a little doubtful. Mostly I want to get a bit more sleep and hopefully some quality time with the family. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your little bird ornaments. And the herbs. I am hoping to start some lavender this year.
I hope you all have a restful weekend.

Rachel said...

I too love the little birds - I just got that book and they are on my "to make" list! Have a lovely, relaxing weekend. x

Carrie said...

I've always admired your table decorations.

Shannon said...

That is so pretty! and so springy! I love that little tealight holder, and the birdy is so sweet. I have been meaning to get that book for ages now, this might be just the push i need to get it for myself!

Lina said...

Hope you catch up some sleep Mary Beth. Seriously, I really don't know how you do so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you have investigated this, but do they have a support group for other parents with little sick babes like Rainer? Someone you can call? I'm guessing you don't want MORE meetings.
bless you. I hope you sleep this weekend!!