Friday, April 18, 2008

Yummy Yummy Lemon Zesty

I have a treat for you today. Faith and I have been trying out smoothies after school every day this week, but this drink, not technically a smoothie, is my favorite. It's called Lemon Zest drink and it's fantastic if you like tart and lemony things, which I do. You get a good dose of calcium too. This recipe is from my recipe box; I originally got it from a friend I'm not in touch with anymore--I always think about her when I make this recipe though.

Lemon Zest Drink

1 c. yogurt or buttermilk
6 T. lemon juice
2-3 tablespoons honey
3-4 ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend, leaving the ice a little bit crunchy. So yummy. I do hope you try it.


So what do you guys think about replies to comments? In a general sense, I mean. I like replying to your comments, but rarely succeed in replying to everyone. (I love getting comments by the way, so keep them coming if you are so inclined). I get my comments e-mailed to me. For a few, I can just click on "reply" to the e-mail and I can respond to you that way. That only works for those commenters who have their e-mail addresses listed as public on their Blogger profiles. That is the quickest and easiest for me. Otherwise, I try to pop over to your blog and leave a comment there. Some people don't have a blog though, or their Blogger profile is blank. The other alternative is for me to reply to you in the comments, but I think that you won't look back there for a reply. What do you guys do on your own blogs? And how do you like to be replied to?

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend.


MamaBlogger said...

That recipe looks so yummy and I actually have buttermilk on hand for another smoothie, I'll try it! I hear ya on the comments. That's something I struggle with, too. I don't expect replies to comments I make and if I have questions, I generally ask them through email.
BTW - I just "tagged" you with some questions over on my blog. Would love to hear your answers!

Melissa, from WhatKnot

::m:: said...

sounds delicious...and cute use of the jar...i usually fill mine with ranunculas or dahlia buds :)

missy [project mcb]

Christy said...

Oh sweetie, you're busy!

I don't need replies to comments, unless you just really feel a need.

I think I don't have my email listed for privacy reasons, but now I don't remember

I might change that.

I'll keep reading/commenting!

Cass said...

I don't expect replies from people although if I have asked a question it is nice. Having said that if I ask a question I usually go back to see if the blogger has answered. Love you blog by the way

jessi said...

What a yummy drink - another must try.

I try to keep up with replying to comments too, but rarely succeed. And I don't expect to be replied to - most of the blogs I read are by other busy moms and I understand if I don't get a reply and I hope other people are forgiving when I don't reply to them.

When I was using blogger, there were so many comments that I couldn't reply to for the reasons you listed, and in that case, I usually just didn't try. I hope I don't sound lazy or unappreciative of other people's comment love - just trying to be realistic about where I needed to be spending my time.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you asked! Whilst replies to comments are sometimes nice, I feel that bloggers feel obliged to reply rather than really want to and that actually makes me often deliberately not comment because I don't want someone to have to reply to my comment with a "thanks for your comment. I like it too" or something like that. I think it is unnecessary and a massive time waster when we are all busy people!

Heids said...

I think its nice to reply the first time someone comments but not necessary, its nice for them to know you read their comment, but I sure don't take offence if someone doesn't reply to my comments, first time or any other time. I know we are all busy. I love reading your blog and just comment sometimes but I wouldn't want you to feel you had to respond reply everytime I left a comment.

Erna said...

hmm that sounds delicious!

I don't expect a reply when I make a comment...of course I like it when someone who I made a comment to hops over to my blog...but I think it's only nice if we have time to do so...

xx erna

driftwood said...

that sounds yummy.
I know some bloggers reply to what seems like every comment, some to none at all, some are in between. I guess you have to do what feels right to you, I'm sure no-one will expect a reply, it's nice to get one if you ask a direct question, I know I rarely re-read comments, if there's a question it might be an idea to put it in the next post if it fits in.

Sarah and Jack said...

At this point there is no way I could respond to every comment, so, if someone has asked something that needs a reply, I do my best to track them down.

If it is easy to reply to them via their email address, I do that if I have time.

Otherwise, I just let them ride.

I figure we are all busy, and if everyone replied to every comment we left on a blog, we would be swimming in thank you emails, ya know?

(Although I do make a big effort to make reciprocal visits to bloggers who visit my blog.)

Gift of Green said...

So funny! Pip and I made lemonade today from scratch! Something about lemons, I guess...

I don't expect replies to comments and I reply to comments about 50% of the time, but I 99% of the time visit the commentee's blog if they have one. :)

Elfin Goddess said...

Hey! I love your blog!!!! And I just wanted to say I'm touched by your personal strength :)
As regards comments, I love receiving them on my blog and I post a reply back on the blog post. If it's a close friend, I'll visit his/ her blog and reply there :)

annie said...

I try to reply to all of the comments that I get, but I only get a few here and there so it's pretty easy to do. Just a suggestion- you might make it so that folks who don't have a blogger account can comment on your blog. I don't use my blogspot page anymore (I moved to Typepad) so I always hesitate to comment here because I know it will direct people to a page that I don't use anymore. I'd love to be able to comment using my Typepad address because you are amazing and I always have stuff to say about your amazing-ness!

periwinkle said...

I was wondering exactly the same thing about replying, I never know if you should reply to all comments or not. I think it can sometimes be a bit disappointing if you have asked someone a question and don't get a reply though.

ames said...

Ooh, I bet that's just *perfect* on one of them 80+ degree humid days that we have all summer 'round here, I just need some lemons!

I try to reply to comments if there's an email addy handy, and I love getting replies to comments, it makes my day (but you don't have to feel obliged to reply to this one :).

Carrie said...

I like commenting, and getting comments. I get so few that it is easy to reply. And sometimes I just add my own comment which gives me more comments!!! (I feel like the Coco Puffs commercial!)

Sarah said...

That drink looks delicious!

I don't expect replies, nor do I usually reply to comments. If someone asks a question, I'll either answer it in the comments, in my next post or email them if I know their address.

mom go green said...

that looks like a great recipe! seriously, i've been wondering about how to make homemade lemon yogurt and that might do the trick. we have oodles of lemons from our neighbor's tree and i'm always looking for ways to use them. thanks!