Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick Quack Quany

Do you know how my Blogger profile says I love hand clapping rhymes? Well, here's my favorite hand clapping rhyme. I've been meaning to share it with you for a while. The video shows the motions; scroll down for the words.

Quick Quack Quany

Quick quack quany-ani-ani-ani
Knick Knack
Quick quack quee, quick quack quo
Quick quack quany-ani-ani-ani
Knick knack
Quick quack quee, quick quack quo
Oh nicko-deeno
Oh jolly olly umbo
Oh nicko-deeno
Oh jolly olly
Oompah, oompah, oompah

This is totally fun to do with your older kids, great for waiting in line, and the younger kids love watching it. I hope you try it! What are your favorite hand clapping rhymes?


I'm not telling said...

That was very cute.

Erna said...

what a sweet idea to share! I think the little one likes it too! I'll give it a try but it goes so fasttttttttt :)

About Us: said...

very cute! Don't have any yet, but am taking notes. :-) Looks like Rainer liked it. :-)

Nicole said...

This one is from my mom's childhood, she passed it along to us as kids and now I play it with my little ones....

Playmate come out and play with me and bring your dolly three climb up my apple tree. Slide down my rain barrel slide down my cellar door and we'll be jolly friends for ever more more more more.

You are very sweet to have posted yours! And I *love* your babies reaction!!!

Mary Beth said...

I love that one too, Nicole!!! Thanks for sharing it. Yeah, Rainer loves the quick quack quany.

amanda said...

Thanks so much for sharing that with us! I loved watching that little video including Rainer's reaction to it. Ivo loves those hand clapping rhymes, too. He will love this video.
We know "Miss Mary Mack" and another one called Miss Suzy something or other. My husband remembers his mom doing those rhymes with her sisters to entertain the kids when they were all young.

Heids said...

Ooooooh I like that one, can't wait to learn it. Can't wait 'til Miss Grace wants to play those! Thanks for sharing.

Em said...

I love this video! I loved them as a kid, and have forgotten all of them, except some of the motions. I'm going to have to study yours and teach it to my daughter! I think she'll love it, and my Daisy Scout troop might like it too! Thanks for sharing!

MACO said...

Thank you for showing us this hand clapping rhymes. As I'm English leaner, this is good lesson for me. :)

Gift of Green said...

Here's one that we used to do. The shame, shame, shame part starts with hand in a fish position and you slide them back and forth across your partner's hands. Then there some tricky hip move with hands in a handshake position...and YIPES, it's not a very *nice* rhyme is it!

Shame, shame, shame,
I don't want to go to Mexico no more, more, more,
there's a big fat policeman at the door, door, door,
he'll grab you by the collar and make you pay a dollar,
I don't want to go to Mexico no more, more, more!