Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring in the Air

As Amy was saying yesterday, it's a new normal. Life does go on, doesn't it? This spring seasons' table is thrown together, but pleasing me so much anyway. Ken brought in flowers from the yard, a rose and otherwise volunteers from last year. Other stuff just thrown on out of the Easter box. I still have some naturey stuff in mind--some grass seed and herb seeds I want to plant and set here. In the past I've had baskets of fresh grass growing for Easter. This year it won't be in time for that, but still so fun to watch growing.

In St. Patrick's Day news, Dieter decided spontaneously to make a little collection of green toys.
And we had a Trail of Shamrocks for the first time, leading to the "pot of gold" (dollar coins).
And on Sunday we had this little "root beer float party" when the family was all together. One of the kind families that brought us a meal last week also included supplies for root beer floats--cute idea, huh? We saved them for Sunday. Dieter thought his was "too spicy." Otherwise, they were enjoyed by all (except for baby Rainer, of course. Too young).

Now I'm setting my sights on Easter preparations. Everything is so close together this year! (Those eggs in the photo above are blown out eggs from years past. It's amazing how long they last--some date back to '95!!!).


Gift of Green said...

Just gorgeous, Mary Beth!

Carrie said...

Very fun! Still love those eggs. My recent treat has been a coke float at McDonald's but nothing beats a real root beer float!

Florence said...

I love Dieter's collection of green things - that's so sweet. You and your family are so very good at celebrating occassions - it's utterly inspiring that you keep all this going when the last few weeks have been so disrupted for you. What lovely memories your children will have. x

Mary said...

I grew up in a family with seven children. Every once in awhile, we would have float night. Dad would bring home a 2liter of soda & a carton of ice cream. It is one of my favorite memories.

Carrie said...

It is great that you are making everything "normal" for the kids. Staying upbeat and positive is the best way to beat an illness.
Wishing you more chocolate than salt!

amanda said...

I love the shamrock trail! We will have to do that next year. I keep forgetting that even though I'm not Irish, my son is and should have a celebration on St. Paddy's.

The root beer float idea is so neat. "Spicy" made me laugh.

Carrie said...

Happy Spring!