Thursday, March 20, 2008

Equinox Tea

Yesterday we celebrated the vernal equinox with our traditional little tea. This time it was smaller than usual, just Ken and I and the little boys and Faith, and nothing special to eat, just some sandwiches and cookies. Still, we like to mark the change of seasons this way. I was wondering, what do my UK bloggy friends think about these little teas? What would a real English family have for an afternoon tea? Or do you have tea at all? Do you eat cucumber sandwiches? Those our the highlight of our teas, I admit.

Yesterday in the morning we took Rainer to Santa Barbara for a bone marrow aspiration. Once analyzed, this sample will tell us how many leukemia cells are left in his marrow. If he's categorized as a "slow responder" he'll get extra chemo. That is what I'm afraid of, but I'm trying to stay focused. If he's a slow responder we'll do for him whatever he needs. The whole outpatient surgery experience was very positive. They treated us very well there, and the nurse who discharged us was excellent. Rainer got to pick out a stuffed animal from the treasure chest when he was done--he chose a pink Beanie Babie dog--not very manly!

My babies always come up with the weirdest names for their big sister Faith when they are learning to talk. Rainer is talking so much now and naming so many things, and he calls Faith "Hiss." It's so funny! I imagine he gets it from "sister." Faith is hard for babies to say. Faith and I were trying to remember what Dieter called her, because it was odd too, and then we finally remembered--he called her "Ai," pronouced "Eye." We said he must have known she has the letter "i" in her name. I honestly don't know how he came up with that, but it stuck for several weeks until he learned to say Faith. Babies are so fun, aren't they?

Happy spring.


amy t sharp said...

we will be praying. I love the English tea...My hubby who is British likes tea and bisquits! (bad for you hobnob chocolate ones) Another awesome tradition you have. I am trying hard to make traditions in my family. I look up to you and the rhythms you have created xo

Florence said...

We would always have tea (herbal for me, coffee for my husband) and yummy Marks & Spencer's biscuits if we have afternoon tea. I love that you have these special teas in your house though!

We've never had anything as formal as afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches...except when visiting Claridges (very traditional) with girlfriends, as it's a sort of lovely time-warped pretention that feel entirely proper in that setting.

Sending wishes that Rainer is a 'fast responder' - I hope you all have a peaceful and happy Easter weekend. x

amanda said...

Happy spring to you! Those cookies look so yummy. I thought the equinox fell today so we are celebrating a little late. Oh well!

Here's hoping that Rainer falls into the "fast responder" category. It's nice to know that the doctors and nurses have been great. Cute pink puppy :)

driftwood said...

hope that Rainer's tests show he is responding well.
for Christmas I got a lovely 3 tier cake stand so we can lots of fun afternoon teas, sandwiches on the bottom (sometimes cucumber, sometimes not), biscuits and little cakes in the middle and fruit cake on the top, and lots of tea to drink. I wish we had thought of having an equinox tea party, instead we will have an easter one. hope you have a lovely weekend.

oh and love the names - my daughter called my brother "astaca" and 9 years later we still call him it sometimes....

About Us: said...

So glad to hear Rainer is doing well and hope he's a fast responder too.

Great traditions you have with your teas, I too am taking notes on ideas and thanks for sharing the various blogs you read, too, I have gotten some great ideas perusing them.

My dad was British and we're half British, so we would have what Amy said, tea and the bad hobnobs when I lived in England. Loved afternoon tea, too. Yum-o. If we went to someone's house we usually had sandwiches and some sort of cake. When at the Ritz with my dad for tea, it was in stages (similar I am sure to the tea at Claridges) with sandwiches, cakes and scones, and it all came on a 3 tier cake stand at your table.

I have always wanted to go to a tea house here in the states for an afternoon tea.

Nice to see your updates MaryBeth, and it's fun to see what the little boys have called Faith. I love Faith's name by the way.

Take care,


Sarah said...

Leigh likes Piccalilli (this odd pickled veggie spread) and cheese sandwiches for tea, or as a kid when his dad was preparing the "sarnies" it would be just mayo on bread! Hobnobs are also a tea time favourite of course.

Best of luck with Rainer's test results. I hope things go well.

Cara said...

Firstly - I'm wishing Rainer well

Now tea - well, it really depends on the day of the week! Sunday tea involves either potato cakes & soup or baked eggs. Afternoon tea involves sandwiches, scones, jam and clotted cream whilst High Tea involves sandwiches, crumpets/English Muffins, cake and tea - yum xx I