Monday, February 18, 2008

Pie for You

Happy President's Day/Washington's birthday! I am having a great weekend with my friend Carrie who is visiting from Kansas. One of the things I love about Carrie's visits is cooking for her. She is always so appreciative and admiring of everything I feed her. I think sometimes we mothers really need that; in our everyday lives, food prep and cleanup can be such drudgery--the work of it, the routineness of it. When Carrie visits I step out of that a little. She loves what I do and I feel I'm making her some homecooked meals, which she doesn't get very often (she's not a big cook).
Part of our friendship history is that when we were both living in Lawrence, Kansas we used to go out for pie occasionally at a restaurant called The Paradise Cafe (sadly, it doesn't exist any more). We'd usually get their special Douglas County Pie and order extra whipped cream. It was a time for us to go out without any children and talk and relate. I would say that was a big part of my good mental health when I was a single parent to Jacob and Faith and living so far from family. So now when we do get together I make this Toll House Pie, which we have discovered is very similar to our Douglas County Pie which we loved so.

More fun is in store today. Carrie doesn't leave until tomorrow. Have a great holiday!


amanda said...

holy wow, that pie sounds so yummy!!
Enjoy your time with your friend :)

About Us: said...

Enjoy your time with your friend! It's so nice to have friends that you get together with and they bring back many happy memories. Can you post the toll house pie recipe or is it on the back of the pkg? Don't have a pkg here and may be looking for a recipe for dinner with friends soon.

Glad you had a nice day.


ames said...

Ooh! My eyebrows shot up when I saw that picture and I instantly thought "Hey that looks like Derby Pie!" which is my *absolute* favorite pie. It's basically the same as the Toll House one, but with pecans instead of walnuts and bourbon added. Yum! (ahem, adults only).