Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

We don't really celebrate Chinese New Year but I do have this paper dragon I put up and isn't it a nice excuse to get Chinese food? I think that is what we will do tonight.
I also love to bring out this book on Chinese Horoscopes and read what people are. I'm a snake; Faith is a rooster. With the January boys things are less certain. Do you still go by birth year if you are born in January but Chinese New Year doesn't start until February? I've always been confused by that. (Oh, I see now in the back of the book exact dates are given; how handy).

This year is the year of the rat. Rats are supposed to be ambitious and intelligent. The book gives all the animal signs and their explanations then goes into the elements and the combinations of animals and elements and then relationships amongst the different animals. It's definitely fun to thumb through. I haven't looked up what the babies are yet--will do that tonight amongst the Chinese food.

Happy new year!


Carrie said...

Happy Chinese New Year! We will celebrate this weekend!

Carrie said...

We're celebrating this weekend also!

Gift of Green said...

Dear Snake,

Happy New Year!

Love, Dog