Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Cookie Boxes

Ok, so we were a bit late in getting out our cookie gifts to friends and neighbors this year. These went out on New Year's day (rather than Christmas Eve or day as originally hoped). Since I store my Christmas cookies in the freezer everything was fresh and all, so that part was all good. I wanted to post the solution I came up with for distributing the cookies: little bakery boxes!
I love these boxes. I had e-mailed the super nice Erin of House on Hill Road to ask where she buys her bakery twine and she replied Tilda's Bake Shop. When I went over there to buy the twine, I ended up getting these boxes too. They each hold about a dozen cookies so they're the perfect size and I like them so much better than the paper plate and plastic wrap method!
Here they are holding the treats. I think these gifts were well appreciated and certainly were fun to give.

Thank you so much to everybody who left comments and suggestions yesterday! I'm totally going to check out those books and I love the ideas for making the trip smoother and easier for Ken and the babies too. You guys are great!


Amy said...

The presentation is gorgeous. Can I have one? (j/k).

Melissa said...

I totally wish I was the recipient of one of those lovely boxes. I love cookies! I would hide it in my sewing room and sneak them all to myself ;o)

Sarah said...

Those boxes are a great idea, and I would so love to eat all those cookies right now!