Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Books

I whipped up these little books yesterday while the babies played happily (well, Dieter was playing happily with his playdough. Rainer was a bit fussy, but found some pleasure in pulling cookbooks down off the shelf as I worked). I love decorative papers and these little books are making me so happy. I folded scrap paper in half and trimmed it to be a little smaller than my decorative papers. Crease everything, open at the crease, then sew with a basting stitch on your sewing machine. So easy and so cute! The labels are from Michael's in the Martha Stewart section.
Dieter's Toddler Activity Tray is evolving as I think of toddler art activities that he can do and as he gets older (since he can do more things now). Rubber stamping is a favorite activity, as is playdough playing and magnet sticking (on a small cookie sheet). These books are a new addition and he is just now starting to use crayons (rather than markers). I gave a little book to Dieter right away and he seemed to really enjoy scribbling in it and turning the pages. Later, he'll be able to dictate a story to me and I can write it down for him. Maybe he's not even too far away from that. As we were scribbling with crayons on larger sheets he really had a good time asking me to write "Hi Jacob. Hi Ben, Hi Faith", and so on through the entire family. Later, he really wanted to show the paper to Jacob.

It's a treat to have a Monday at home, but since I deferred all my Sunday chores to Monday, it's actually kind of a work day (making food ahead for the week, making lunches, shopping). But it's still fun to have the day off. I'm leaving for San Diego on Wednesday for my nurses' convention, so I have to get everything ready for Ken. Happy Martin Luther King day!


driftwood said...

love the little books, the idea of them becoming story books is lovely.
hope your trip to the nurses convention goes ok. x

AnnieB said...

gorgeous books. nice and simple but very pretty

Happy MLK day to you too

Florence said...

They're gorgeous, Mary Beth, and I love your description of Rainer with the cookbooks! x

Felicia said...

Very pretty books :)

amanda said...

Your little books are just the SWEETEST! Do you have a favorite source for your decorative papers? Thanks for the tip about Martha Stewart labels at Michaels. We will definitely be makin some of these.

Bonnie said...

Love the little books!! And making arts and crafts materials so easily available for your children.