Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thinking About Stocking Stuffers

No sooner is the advent calendar up and running than it is time to think about stocking stuffers. Yesterday I got a rare chance to stop by Target and this is what I've gathered so far for the stockings. It's mostly girl stuff, as you can see. Faith is pretty easy to buy stocking stuffers for. She likes makeup, school supplies, hair ties, that sort of thing. Also socks, tights. I'm not done yet--just had enough time to get a start. But the teen boys? Impossible! So hard to shop for in general and especially for the stockings. Every year I'm pretty stumped. So far I just have some post-its and highlighters. It occurred to me this morning, though, how about flashlights? That could be useful for Jacob since he's going off to college next year. One thing I refuse to do is get stuff just to be getting stuff. That seems so wasteful on both sides. I want to get them pleasant things that they like and can use.

And how about the little boys? So easy, of course. But they don't need a lot so I'm holding back. I have totally pleasant childhood memories of my Christmas morning stocking being stuffed to the brim with toys. But I'm trying to scale back a bit especially since they are just starting out. We're trying to make do with less stuff now. For Dieter I already have a couple Schleich animals and for Rainer I'd love to get a chance to make a Wee. He honestly doesn't need much more than that.
I also found this new "natural" babycare line at Target which is noteworthy because it is very inexpensive. Their website is here if you want to check it out. I'm trying it.


Felicia said...

How about a small tape measure or a small tool repair kit for the boy's stockings? Browse the automotive and sporting goods departments and you'll probably find a few things :)

Sarah and Jack said...

I always put toothbrushes in Jack's stocking, a year's worth!

Sarah said...

Yes, toothbrushes and toothpaste are always good. There should be tons of little things that would be useful for someone about to go to college. A few things that come to mind: soap, razors, shampoo, cheap (but not disposable) silverware, laundry stuff, printer cartridges, stapler and staples.

Christy said...

When I was a kid, I could always count on getting a new toothbrush and a tangerine in my stocking!

kirsten said...

you know, i'm sure that teenage boys would never complain about their favorite snacks or candy stuffing their stocking! just fill the whole thing with candy. mmmmm.

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