Monday, December 10, 2007

The Matching Tissue Holders

My original idea was to pair the hotch-potch zippered pouches with matching tissue holders to complete the gift. I wasn't sure if I'd have time, but Ken graciously took the kids again on Saturday so I could finish what I had started.
I made a tissue holder to match the back fabric from each pouch. I used the tutorial here, but after the first one (the apples) I modified the pattern to make overlapping flaps and I decided to add trim. Now if you want to get a tissue you have to dig in a little, but I like that better. In between it stays closed and looks neater. These are supposedly 5 minute tissue holders, but not for me. Alas, I am slow--I think I was spending more like 15 on each one, then inexplicably after about 3 or four successes I started messing up and had to do quite a bit of ripping on the next one. Weird!
Here are some of the pairings with the original pouches.
I also had a chance to work on some more of the patchwork towels--still need more of those--and some little felt gnomes for the seasons' table. Meanwhile, I was uploading a million photos to Shutterfly for another project I was working on. Overall I felt very productive, but there is still so much I want to do! I'd love to make gifts for the boys . . . well, there are so many things. Part of my growth this season will be to really be mellow and accepting about the fact that my life is what it is--I have so many blessings!!--and to accept that I'm not going to get everything done. It's just okay. And when the toddlers are older I will have more time, but I will miss these sweet baby days.
And with that thought, I'm off to go kiss some sweet babies!


Gift of Green said...

Lurv the dishtowels. When are you going to Etsy those bad boy?! (I know, I know, in all your spare time!) :)

littlegreen said...

I love how your tissue holders turned out! I have been thinking of making some of those for some of my girlfriends at work and I think you may have inspired me to get it done!
Thanks! Yours look great, LOVE the fabric choices!!

Carrie said...

Love love love the tissue holders. The fabric choices are fantastic!

Gwyn said...

I am glad to read what you said aboiut things being easier when the kids are older. I am really idssappointed in myself for going to the toy shop and buying some plastic crap for the kids - but it is because of them I don't have the time to fossick around markets looking for greener toys. I keep telling myself maybe next year it will be a little easier to live up to my ideals! Love your sewing work - so bright and cheery!

Sarah said...

Love the tissue holders! They will make great presents!

mom go green said...

the tissue holders are great, indeed. i'd love to try making them once i figure out how to thread my sewing machine.
love the diet coke in the photo, too.