Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Images from Our Christmas

Christmas Eve table. I made the house tealight place cards from a template found at Kidley.
Reading the Night Before Christmas to Dieter. It's these quiet and sweet moments that make the rest of it worth it.
Rainer with his gift. We didn't get him very much since he's just a baby and all. He loves this little wooden car with rainbow peg people, though.
Pulling the crackers. This is a tradition for us on Christmas morning at breakfast.
Rainer and Dieter checking out the new Learning Tower.

Overall we had a fun and mellow day at home followed by a wonderful dinner at my parents' home. And the best part is we survived all the work and stress of Christmas and now have a delicious week and a half to recover--and clean up--before going back to work in January. Hooray!


Florence said...

What a lovely time you look to have had. I love the learning tower! It reminded me that I had something that looked very much like that as a child - it was all wood, and had a small wooden slide attached and was an indoor sort of toy. My sister and I used to spend hours making camps in it.

Lucky children! Enjoy the coming week. x

Lina said...

Enjoy the rest of the time with your family Mary Beth. My children love the Night Before Christmas too!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

We wanna get a tower- so is it great? Finn is forever falling off his tiny stool at the counter...where did ya get it? merci

driftwood said...

looks like you had a perfect day!

Melissa said...

Love the learning tower. That's on my wish list for my baby next year!